Who else agrees that Dick Grayson would say f*ck Batman to Bruce’s face?

People keep saying “Oh let’s see Robin say that to his face!” Um, you are aware this is Dick Grayson we’re talking about, right? The guy who once socked Batman in the face, the one who took up the mantel when Bruce supposedly died, yes he absolutely would say it to face. Dick is probably one of the few characters who is not scared of Bruce at all.


I’m fine with it and can’t wait to see how it plays out in the context of the show. Knowing the history of Dick and Bruce’s relationship in the comics it makes sense. If the comics had been MA I’m sure Dick would have already said it multiple times. Jason even more lol.


I totally agree, but I also think he wouldn’t still be donning the Robin persona when he did it…which is also why I have a bit of a problem with the clip DCU dropped of the 2 Robin’s, Dick vs. Jason. To the best of my recollection, there were NEVER 2 guys using the Eobin identity at the same time, ESPECIALLY these two…one Robin would quit/die/step down and then Bruce would go solo for a while…it’ll be interesting to see how they play this off!

@diggler13 i have a feeling he wears the robin cowel because raven askes him to come back then todd shows up to tell him to drop the robin mantel he has been replaced and we will see nightwing being born

of course he would, those “people” are casuals and only know a limited amount of Grayson history.

@tylerhaacker: that’s a nice theory, but judging by the released episode titles of TITANS, [SPOILERS]Jason Todd is gonna drop the costume before Dick does…[/SPOILERS]