Who do you think would win between Odin vs Zeus vs Darkseid vs Highfather?

From all versions

Highfather has been shown as being able to boss Zeus around, and Odin and Zeus are typically depicted as being nearly identical in power. So both Odin and Zeus are out of the picture, leaving only Highfather and Darkseid. And Highfather and Darkseid are usually locked in a never ending war with neither side being able to win, right? I think Darkseid was able to kill Highfather in the recent Mister Miracle series by Tom King, but it’s debatable what (if anything at all) actually happened in that series (or maybe that’s just me? I am a bit of an idiot). So for now I’d say it’s a tie between Darkseid and Highfather.

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Lol Highfather would wave that cosmic shepherds crook and say “Stop Fighting!” and everyone would have to stop. Darksied can fight Highfather, but is beholden to the arrangement of “son swapping for peace”.

It’s wierd, Highfather’s powers often revolve around enforcing non-violence. When you really take in the old Forever People Kirby stuff, they are totally cosmic space hippies. (I say lovingly) and Darksied’s whole campaign is such an obvious allegory to the industrial millitary of the vietnam era. (And Jimmy Olsen suddenly says “groovy” a lot)

I love Glorious Godfrey and Granny Goodness so much, because i always felt like they are jabs at Fredrick Wertham, and the rest of the McCarthy cronies who villified comics for a whole decade and a half. The whole “media spin, and children indoctrination” being the tools of facism.

All just as relevant today.


I love the 4th world saga. It is some of the most brilliant pop artwork of the twentieth century. It is a psychedellic heady cosmic plot of good versus evil that STILL resonates in the DCU. It is also some of the worst and painful dialogue you will EVER read (the words were NOT Jacks’ strong suit, that man needed an editor filter god rest his soul).

Odin & Zeus would be bettered by either Darkseid or HighFather.

The only actual definitive victory of a Darkseid vs HighFather match that I am aware of is from Justice League: Gods and Monsters when HighFather kills Darkseid at Becca & Orien’s wedding.

Bruh darkseid is a universal constant according to final crisis how do you beat a literal force of nature and destiny


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I’d say that Zeus and Odin are going down after a good fight so that would leave it to Darkseid and Highfather. It would be very close, but I would say that Darkseid would beat Highfather, but just barely.