Who do you think should take over the Batman comic after Tom King?

Of the suggestions mentioned, Vendetti would be my preference. Honestly, I’d love it to be Sholly Fisch and have him write in a similar style to how he did Scooby-Doo Team-Up (the best book DC is putting out right now). One-Shots with a bit of a lighter tone would make me incredibly happy.

Doc Shaner on art chores would also be phenomenal.

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I’m hoping we get a more consistent artist on the book too.

Who does everyone want to draw the book?

By picks are Sean Phillips, Lee Weeks, or Becky Coolan.

I think in an ideal world they would have just taken the Warren Ellis an Brian Hitch mini series and rolled that into the regular books after Kings run. That’s not happening oh, so I think Joe Hill would have a really unique take on the characters. I think it’s possible, if his deal is similar to Bendis’.

It will never happen but Ron Marz. His run on GL back in the day is what made me a DC fanboy and why Kyle Rayner will always be my GL. I would love to see the direction that he would take Bats

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The Batman Universe team!

Sean Murphy!!!

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Sean Murphy!!!

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I feel like it’s gonna be Christopher Priest because his death stroke ends in December just like King’s Batman ends.

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On one hand, I would be down with that.

On the other, considering that the rumor is part of the reason why he’s getting off the regular Batman book is that they wanting more standard and superhero-y for the main book, I would think Christopher Priest would be one of the last people you’d put on that. I’d much rather see him on Detective.

Alan Moore

Paul Dini would also be good. Is detective Ron and a lot of short arts and crafts oh, it might be a welcome change after an 85 issue continuous run.


My apologies on the voice to text feature on my phone. If you can make out what I was trying to say; bully for you

I also think Venditti would be a good choice. But if I had my druthers, it would be Marv Wolfman!

A Dini run would be fantastic. Nobody understands how to write a great Batman story better than he does.

Wolfman isn’t super likely, but I’ve been reading his late '80s/early '90s Batman run recently and it’s pretty solid, so I could see that working out.

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