Who do you think should have a chance?

In the Arrowverse, we already have a lot of iconic and amazing DC superhero’s like Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, etc. But who do think should also be in the arrowverse and should have their own show? For me it would have to be either Green lantern or Dr fate.

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i’m disappointed the Suicide Squad didn’t spin off!


Batman. He hasn’t starred in a live action TV show in over 50 years. I’d say the time’s come.

Batman is also a fairly budget friendly franchise in most respects. Most of his stories aren’t on the scale of Green Lantern or the other larger scale properties. The majority of everything could be done in-camera with minimal CGI use.

Even though Batwoman is on the way, a Batman series could still take place before or alongside it. It happens all the time in the comics afterall.


I’ll say it again: The Question. I know Berlanti has wanted to do something with Q for a long time, but he’s been earmarked for SOMETHING. I just want to know WHAT.


I’d concur with HCQ. The Question would be a great series. Especially if COIE puts all the shows in the same universe. Each show (Flash, LoT, Black Lightning , Supergirl & Batwoman have their season arcs, but Q is puzzling together that there is some Kabal/The Light/Vandel Savage/Farkseid/Cadmus (pick one) that is behind the scenes pulling strings.

Bring in the Helena version of Huntress, JLU version, can’t remember her last name at the moment but her father was a crime boss. (so she is not related to Bruce Wayne) Dint have her in every episode but a recurring character that’s in maybe half the episodes) Either have them have a very slow burn relationship (similar to JLU), or make her kinda in to Q but Q is asexual and sees it as a partnership and friends. (I know HCQ has mentioned wanting an asexual character and Q is a good candidate. One could argue that the JLU Question could have been asexual. The only time he says anything vaguely close to a date is at one point, he suggests, after Huntress gives him a bit of agro after a break in & fight., he sighs and says “dinner and a movie?” Almost as a if placating her. The same premise could work for Q in a series.)

Also it needs very limited SFX budget. So that could reduce production costs.

Maybe Huntress is a flex character that could pop up in Batwoman, BL, & Batwoman, Supergirl, maybe even joins the legends for a mission or two. She becomes the reminder that this is now a completely shared universe.

You know, Huntress was in the first couple seasons of Arrow. But I’d love to have her back.

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@DeSade Bertinelli is the last name of the Huntress from Earth 0/Prime Earth/JLU.

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That’s it!!!

Apache Chief (really old superhero dude from super friends I think)

The arrowverse has shows about street crime, magic, and superheroes, but no horror. A modernized Creeper show could fill the void.

To echo @Wildstorm-Jeff’s idea, what about a House of Secrets/ Mystery (take your pick) series?

Much like the DCU itself, there’s more to the Arrowverse than just super heroes (like the DCU, they are it’s defining attribute).

It’d be a good gateway for characters/properties like I, Vampire, The Phantom Stranger, Shadowpact, and the like. Constantine could pop in once in a while too.

Dr. Fate would be cool. I feel like he’s a underrated superhero whose interesting enough to definitely make a series work. He’s totally one of my favorites.