Who besides the Trinity and co, Superman, JL, Titans, Batman should be in the spotlight?

As great as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League stories are, I feel as though almost everything is a direct extension of the Trinity and by extension the JL. The exceptions being Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Doom Patrol, kinda Suicide Squad just to name the majority of tv shows and the SS movie.

So, to posit, if those characters were say put on mute, or you forgot they existed, who would DC put in the spotlight to really showcase the characters we don’t see or think about every day? I’m not saying your favorite characters need replacing, but if they weren’t there on the page or screen, who would fill that void and step up to the plate?

I’d like to see more of Plastic Man, Martian Manhunter, and Blue Beetle to name a few

Ambush Bug, Booster Gold, Katana, New Super-Man, Vixen and the Wildstorm franchises would be a good start.

Whether talking about the comics or who could step up on the screen, including animated, reference 52. That series spotlights many characters who aren’t usually in the forefront, and it’s a perfect example of what I said in my “DCU roll call” post. I mentioned a big reason why DC is the best universe to me personally, is because they have a knack for bringing lesser known characters into the spotlight and letting them not only shine, but these characters can actually CARRY an excellent series. 52 is a perfect example of the inquires in your post🍀

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