who are your favorite current writers.

When reading comics over the years I have learned that a good writer can make or break a series. There are certain authors I will purchase no matter which tittle they work on. Curious who are your top writers that you read each month no matter the series? Mine are as follows:

Robert kirkman (my no. 1. The walking dead. Invincible)
Dan slott
Grant Morrison


James the 4th
Joshua Williamson
Geoff John’s

Just a few off the top of my head.

Folks are sleeping on Jeff Lemire right now, but his stories are all underrated classics


I will add JamesTynion IV to this list Justice League Dark is outstanding

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I dig Mark Russel, who did Prez

Robert venditti
James tynion IV
Christopher priest

My tops:
B. Vaughn
Jason Aaron


I will read anything Warren Ellis or Brian K Vaughan touches until they stop writing.

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Scott Snyder
James Tynion IV
Nick Spencer
Grant Morrison
Gail Simone
Benjamin Percy
Geoff Johns
Marguerite Bennet
Paul Dini
Robert Venditti

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Donny Cates.
Jason Aaron.
Nick Spencer.
Joshua Williamson.
Scott Snyder.
There’s definitely far more other greats but those are the first few that come to mind.

I can’t believe only one mention but anything Jeff Lenore touches is gold especially his indie stuff.

Williamson is also a solid work horse of talent

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Dan Jurgens (he’s been great for 30 years!)
Geoff Johns
Peter Tomasi
Robert Venditti
Scott Synder
James Tynion
Mark Waid

I notice several have mentioned Joshua Williamson who is also one of my favorites with flash right now. Would anyone have any feedback on the Birthright series he writes with image? I’ve been considering buying a few trades but thought I’d ask for feedback first.

Tynion IV

Scott Snyder
Gail Simone
Neil Gaimen

Marv Wolfman
George Pe’rez
Geoff Johns
Bruce Timm (although I believe he’s done in the dcu I know he’s still working at WB)
Alex Ross
Boxed in with the still writing for DC portion of the question and those who have passed, but I couldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t mention Jack Kirby, rip King.