Who Are Your 5 Favorite Teen Titans Members? (Robins Included)

Donna Troy
Roy Harper
Kid flash

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  1. Raven, always been a huge fan. :black_heart:
  2. Cyborg
  3. Starfire
  4. Kid Flash (Wally)
  5. Impulse (Bart)

Also, honorary mention to Jinx and Blackfire, who are both really high on my list for fave overall characters in the series.

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As individual characters, Dick Grayson, Wally West, and Roy Harper are pretty high on my hero list. I’d probably round out a top 5 with Garth and Donna (or other Robins), but there’s a big interest gap between my top 3 and pretty much everyone else.

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Donna Troy

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Starfire, Raven, Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, Bunker, Beast Boy

I really like cyborg and Wally West Flash on the JL, and don’t want any bat family

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  1. Donna Troy
  2. Dick Grayson
  3. Wally West
  4. Tim Drake
  5. Superboy (Conner)
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Beast Boy
Donna Troy
Wally West


Welcome back to the community @Melvin! :confetti_ball: That’s a great line-up; I’m especially a fan of your Ravager pick. Please feel free to let the moderator team know if you need anything!

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1: Raven
2: Starfire
3: Beast Boy
4: Cyborg
5: Robin


thanks…I’m good!

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Welcome back to the community @WolfGottaWoof! :fireworks: Looks like we’ve got matching picks - great minds think alike?

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The Titans has such a long history - and the team has so many eras (original Fab Five; Wolfman/Perez; Titans Hunt; Geoff Johns) - that it’s difficult to pick only five members. Still, here goes…

  • Dick Grayson - Dick is the “soul” of the team; he’s the original teen sidekick.

  • Donna Troy - Donna is the “heart” of the team; everyone loves her and she holds the team together.

I think Dick and Donna are essential to have as members (in some capacity) in any Titans lineup.

  • Starfire - Starfire has a great “cosmic” backstory; she’s also incredibly powerful and has a great look (especially Kory’s “comet” hair, and how George Pérez drew Kory’s starbolts).

  • Raven - Raven adds mystery (and a bit of horror) to the team. I prefer the original W/P version of Raven, who was mysterious and moody, and who called the other Titans by their formal names (Richard, not Dick; Victor, not Vic; Joseph, not Joey). The current version of Raven is too much like the cartoon version… she’s just a sarcastic, spell-casting goth girl.

  • Roy Harper - I’ve always liked the contrast and similarities between Roy and Dick; he’s the underrated, underdog bad boy.

Other favorites:

  • Garth/Tempest
  • Red Star
  • Kole - just for her incredible costume and look.


In no particular order:

Robin (Damian Wayne)
Donna Troy