Who Are DC Characters' Celebrity Crushes?

Oh crap, I meant to post this on Valentine’s Day, but my mom had a health scare (she looks like she’s gonna be fine, knock on wood) and I got all distracted and now it’s the twentieth, but I’m bored so I’m posting it now.

I was reading DCeased: Dead Planet for the gajillionth time and this ad popped up of Supergirl going full early-2010s-Nickelodeon-character-with-a-crush when Mayim Bialik enters the… Area? What do you call it in space?

(you have to click on the image for full effect)
… And that got me thinking… Who do you think DC characters’ celebrity crushes are? It doesn’t have to be a big crush, just who do you think is a celebrity that they admire in a way that’s, let’s say, 10% or more non-platonic. Or it could be a full-blown crush. What do you think?


Hawkman to Howard Carter

There are plenty of hints Hawkgirl has a crush on Indiana Jones.


Stephanie Brown and the inventor of waffles. Yes, I will keep running this joke into the ground.