Who Are All the LGBT+/Queer Characters at DC?

Ive occasionally seen lists here and there that seem partial and have a bit of disconnect, but I wanted to try and form a list of the various queer characters. I know there are quite a bit, so I am asking for some help attempting to name them all be they in the main universe, an elseworlds, or something else.

I request that when you name a character, that you include what you include the specifics (gay, transexual, or ace for example)

Im confident that there are more queer characters at DC than even the editorial is aware of. And I am looking forward to finding out about them all!


There is going to be a big effort on LGBT characters on Pride Month this June.

Starting on the first of June.

Club leaders have been working on this with the moderators for months.

It’s gonna be good.


There’s a club for that!

The #dc-pride club has a history of readings of queer representation from DC- you can check out their Club Room here, or jump straight to the list of all topics devoted to DC Pride here.

We also have a collection on DCUI of curated selections you can find here.

Like @TurokSonOfStone1950 said, keep your eyes peeled for a full month of events covering representation throughout DC’s history, both characters and creators :slight_smile: :00_dc_pride: The Club Leaders have been hard at work compiling the most complete database possible, and it’s turning out beautifully.


My knowledge is by no means complete, but here’s what I have right now (I’m sure I’ll think of more, and regularly update this)

Note: The DC Database on Fandom is like bi erasure on mirakuru, so because this is a Boy-Who-Cried-Wolf scenario, I won’t be explicitly labeling characters as gay unless I can find a specific source that says so, though I’m sure many are.

:blue_heart: Undefined male-male sexual/romantic orientation
:blue_heart: Gay male ⚣
nb flag Non-binary
:heartpulse: Undefined female-female sexual/romantic orientation
:heartpulse: Lesbian ⚢
:purple_heart: Any form of multisexual/romantic ⚤
:transgender_flag: Trans
:alien: Alien/deity/AI/other w/o the binary genders we recognize
:rainbow: Unlabeled
🂡 Asexual/romantic including demisexual/romantic

Any of this may contain SPOILERS - I’ve blurred everything I know to be less than a year ago, but some things I came across online and I don’t know when they’re from.

The following characters are canonically LGBTQ+ (and/or have a footnote explaining their inclusion) in at least one of the following continuities (all of which matter, because they all happened):
Antimatter Universe (classic)
Apokolips (pre-Flashpoint)
Batman: Digital Justice
Batman: I, Joker
Batman: Reign of Terror
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Batman: Thrillkiller
Batman: Year 100
Camelot 3000
Dark Knight Dynasty
DC Comics: Bombshells
Doctor Who World
Earth 1
Earth 11
Earth 13
Earth 2
Earth 32
Earth-1 (Arrowverse)
Earth-16 (52)
Earth-19 (Arrowverse)
Earth-21 (Arrowverse; post-Crisis)
Earth-38 (Arrowverse)
Earth-50 (52)
Earth-8 (52)
Earth-Prime (Arrowverse)
Our world (Earth-Prime/Qwewq/Earth-1218/Earth 33)
Earth-X (Arrowverse)
Echo’s homeworld
Exit, Stage Left!: The Snagglepuss Chronicles
Gotham High
Harley Quinn TV series
Harry Potter World
Hell (The Sphere of the Gods)
I am Not Starfire
Just Imagine
Justice League Universe
Kelvin Timeline
Legends of the Dead Earth
New Earth (including DC One Million)
Naomi TV series
Poison Ivy: Thorns
Prez (2015)
Prime Earth (including DC: Future State)
Robin 3000
Saban’s Power Rangers
Some Years Later
Superman & Batman: Generations
Superman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Destroy
Tangent Comics
Teen Titans: Raven
The Batman movie
The Narrow Path
The Simpsons
The Timeless Child’s reality
Tiny Titans
Watchmen comics
Y: The Last Man comics
You Brought Me the Ocean
Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend

:00_dc_pride: :00_dc_pride_ar: :00_dc_pride_as: :00_dc_pride_bs: :00_dc_pride_is: :00_dc_pride_ll: :00_dc_pride_nb: :00_dc_pride_poci: :00_dc_pride_ps: :00_dc_pride_tg:

:blue_heart: Acero (Spoiler: Suicide Squad Seven)
:blue_heart: Achilles Warkiller ⚣
:blue_heart: Adam Strange
nb flag Aerie
:heartpulse: Agent 355
:heartpulse: Agent Danvers ⚢
:purple_heart: Albert Caldecott ⚤
:blue_heart: Alex Burgess
:blue_heart: Alfred Pennyworth

:heartpulse: Alice Oh ⚢ (Spoiler: Poison Ivy: Thorns)
:heartpulse: Alkyone ⚢
:transgender_flag: :purple_heart: Alysia Yeoh ⚤
:heartpulse: Anaya

:heartpulse: Annataz (Spoiler: Suicide Squad: Dark)

:purple_heart: Annika Kosolov ⚤¹ (Spoiler: The Batman)
:alien: :purple_heart: Aphrodite ⚤²
:blue_heart: Apollo
:alien: :purple_heart: Apollo (God of Olympus) ⚤²
:alien: :purple_heart: Apollo (God of Rome) ⚤²
:purple_heart: Aqualad (Kaldur’ahm) ⚤

  • :blue_heart: Aqualad (Prime Kaldur’ahm) ⚣

:alien: :purple_heart: Ares ⚤²
:alien: :purple_heart: Artemis (goddess) ⚤²
:purple_heart: Artemis of Bana-Mighdall ⚤
:transgender_flag: Aruna
:alien: :purple_heart: Atë ⚤²
:alien: :purple_heart: Athena ⚤²
:alien: Atlantiades
:heartpulse: Ava Sharpe
:purple_heart: Barbara Kean ⚤
:purple_heart: Batman (Bruce Wayne) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Batman (Bruce Wayne, Jr.) ⚤³
:heartpulse: Batman (Helena Wayne)
:blue_heart: Batman (Lex Luthor)⁴
:purple_heart: Batwoman (Carrie Kelley) ⚤³
:heartpulse: Batwoman (Kate Kane) ⚢
:heartpulse: Batwoman (Ryan Wilder) ⚢
:alien: :purple_heart: Bellona ⚤²
:blue_heart: Benedict (The Dreaming: Waking Hours)
:rainbow: Berenice Yoon Milonas⁵

:blue_heart: Bernard Dowd (Spoiler: Batman: Urban Legends)

:transgender_flag: Bia⁶ (Spoiler: Nubia & the Amazons)
:purple_heart: Bizarro Robin ⚤³
:heartpulse: Blitzen
nb flag Blue Snowman
:purple_heart: Bluebird ⚤
:purple_heart: Brainiac 5 ⚤
:blue_heart: Bueno Excellente
:blue_heart: Bunker ⚣
:blue_heart: Burden
:purple_heart: Captain Harkness ⚤⁷
:blue_heart: Captain Metropolis
:rainbow: Carlos (Catwoman)
:blue_heart: Carver Colman
:purple_heart: Catman ⚤
:heartpulse: Catwoman (Eiko Hasigawa)
:heartpulse: Catwoman (Holly Robinson) ⚢
:purple_heart: Catwoman (Selina Kyle) ⚤
:heartpulse: Chantal
:heartpulse: Cheetah (Barbara Minerva)
:purple_heart: Chris Ward ⚤³

:rainbow: Chupacabra (Spoiler: Teen Titans Academy)
:blue_heart: Citizen Cold

:heartpulse: Claire ⚢ (Spoiler: I am Not Starfire)
:purple_heart: Clara Oswald ⚤⁸
:blue_heart: Clayface (Harley Quinn)

:blue_heart: Clock King ⚣ (Spoiler: Harley Quinn Season 3)
:alien: :purple_heart: Clotho ⚤⁹
:blue_heart: Cluracan
:transgender_flag: Coagula
:alien: :heartpulse: Comet (Andrea Martinez/Andy Jones)
:alien: :purple_heart: Concordia ⚤²
:blue_heart: Corinthian ⚣¹⁰
:blue_heart: Creote
:alien: :purple_heart: Crone ⚤⁹
:heartpulse: Crush ⚢

:purple_heart: Culebra ⚤ (Spoiler: Suicide Squad)
:blue_heart: Cullen Row ⚣
:blue_heart: Damon Matthews
nb flag Danny the Street
:heartpulse: Daria Hernandez
:blue_heart: David (Green Lantern)
:blue_heart: David Singh
:purple_heart: DaxAtax ⚤³
:purple_heart: Dawnstar ⚤
:alien: Death¹¹
:purple_heart: Deadpool ⚤⁷
:alien: :purple_heart: Deimos ⚤²
:alien: :purple_heart: Demeter ⚤²
:alien: Desire
:alien: :purple_heart: Dionysus (god) ⚤²
:purple_heart: Djinn ⚤
:purple_heart: Donna Troy ⚤¹²
:heartpulse: Donner

:rainbow: Dorothy Spinner¹³ (Spoiler: DC Pride 2022)
:blue_heart: Dr. Ikon
:heartpulse: Dr. Mann

nb flag Dr. Mid-Nite 11 (Spoiler: DC Pride 2022)
:transgender_flag: Dr. October
:blue_heart: Dr. Wells
:purple_heart: Dre-B-Robbin ⚤³
nb flag Dream Girl
:transgender_flag: Dreamer

:purple_heart: Droso ⚤ (Spoiler: DC Pride 2022)

? Drummer Boy (Spoiler: DC Pride)
:transgender_flag: Echo (The Dreaming)
:purple_heart: Element Lad ⚤

:heartpulse: Elle (Spoiler: Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour)
:alien: :purple_heart: Enyo ⚤²
:alien: :purple_heart: Eris/Strife ⚤²
:alien: :purple_heart: Eros ⚤²
:heartpulse: Etta Candy
:heartpulse: Exoristos
:blue_heart: Extraño ⚣
:purple_heart: Eve ⚤
:blue_heart: Fade ⚣
nb flag Fadeaway¹⁴
:heartpulse: Firebrand (Janet Fals) ⚢
:heartpulse: Fog
:heartpulse: Foxglove ⚢

:heartpulse: Gardener (Bella Garten) ⚢ (Spoiler: Batman Secret Files: Gardener)
:purple_heart: Gary Green ⚤
:purple_heart: Ghost-Maker ⚤

nb flag Glacier (Spoiler: Tis the Season to be Freezin’)
:transgender_flag: Golden Ninja¹⁵
:purple_heart: Grace Choi ⚤

🂡 Green Arrow (Connor Hawke) (Spoiler: DC Pride 2022)
:blue_heart: Green Lantern (Alan Scott) ⚣
:purple_heart: Green Lantern (Jo Mullein) ⚤
:blue_heart: Greg Berlanti ⚣¹⁶
:heartpulse: Guardian (Kelly Olsen)
:blue_heart: Ha’Wea
:alien: :purple_heart: Hades ⚤²
:blue_heart: Hal (The Sandman)
nb flag Halo
:purple_heart: Harley Quinn ⚤
:heartpulse: Harley Sinn
:alien: :purple_heart: Harmonia ⚤²
:blue_heart: Harvey Quinn
:purple_heart: Hazel McNamara ⚤
:purple_heart: Heather After ⚤
:alien: :purple_heart: Hecate ⚤²
:alien: :purple_heart: Hephaestus ⚤²
:alien: :purple_heart: Hera ⚤²
:alien: :purple_heart: Hercules ⚤²
:alien: Hermaphroditus
:alien: :purple_heart: Hermes ⚤²
:blue_heart: Hero Cruz ⚣
:blue_heart: Hikaru Sulu⁷
:blue_heart: Hooded Justice ⚣
:blue_heart: Huckleberry Hound
:heartpulse: Io
:heartpulse: Iphthime
:alien: Jarro

:blue_heart: Jay Nakamura (Spoiler: Superman: Son of Kal-El)
:purple_heart: Jeanette ⚤
:purple_heart: Jenny Sparks ⚤
:purple_heart: Jericho ⚤
:transgender_flag: Jim (The Sandman)
:blue_heart: Jimmy Henton
:heartpulse: Jinny Hex
:heartpulse: Jo Muñoz
:transgender_flag: Jo (Lumberjanes)⁷
:purple_heart: John Constantine ⚤
:blue_heart: John Pennyworth
:purple_heart: Joker ⚤
🂡 Jophiel¹⁷
:heartpulse: Josephine (Watchmen) ⚢
:blue_heart: Josiah Power ⚣
:heartpulse: Judy (The Sandman) ⚢
:heartpulse: Julia Pennyworth
:purple_heart: Julie Madison ⚤³
:alien: :purple_heart: Jupiter ⚤²
:heartpulse: Karon (Catwoman)

:heartpulse: Kat Silverberg ⚢ (Spoiler: Galaxy: The Prettiest Star)

:heartpulse: Katie (Spoiler: Crush & Lobo)

:heartpulse: Kenia (Spoiler: Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend)

:blue_heart: Kenny Liu ⚣ (Spoiler: You Brought Me the Ocean)
:blue_heart: Kid Flash (Bart Allen)
nb flag Kid Quick
:heartpulse: Kiss of Death ⚢
:purple_heart: Knight-Wing ⚤³

:heartpulse: Knightfall (Spoiler: Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour)
:heartpulse: Knockout

:purple_heart: Lagoon Boy ⚤ (Spoiler: Young Justice)
:alien: Larvox
:heartpulse: Lena Luthor¹⁸

:heartpulse: Leota Adebayo (Spoiler: Peacemaker)
:heartpulse: Liana Kerzner
:blue_heart: Lightning Lad ⚣
:purple_heart: Lightning Lass ⚤
:heartpulse: Lily (Teen Titans: Raven)
:purple_heart: Lisa Simpson ⚤⁷

:heartpulse: Livewire (Spoiler: Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour)
:alien: Loki¹⁹
:heartpulse: Lola (Teen Titans: Raven)
:transgender_flag: Lord %@%%!

:heartpulse: Lourdes (Spoiler: Naomi)
:purple_heart: Lucifer Morningstar ⚤
nb flag Lynari Lili’Alo
:heartpulse: Madame Vastra⁷
:purple_heart: Madame Xanadu ⚤
:heartpulse: Maggie Sawyer ⚢
:alien: :purple_heart: Maiden ⚤⁹

:purple_heart: Manchester Black ⚤ (Spoiler: Superman and the Authority)

:heartpulse: Mandy Anders ⚢ (Spoiler: I am Not Starfire)
:blue_heart: Manhunter (Ramsey Spencer)
:heartpulse: Marisol (Madame Xanadu)

:blue_heart: Mark Radley (Spoiler: Teen Titans Academy)
:purple_heart: Marya ⚤³
:transgender_flag: Masquerade
:heartpulse: Maxima ⚢
:purple_heart: Mazikeen ⚤

nb flag Mephitic (Spoiler: Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour)
:heartpulse: Mera
:alien: :purple_heart: Mercury ⚤²
:heartpulse: Midnight Rider
:blue_heart: Midnighter
:blue_heart: Miguel Montez
:purple_heart: Minerva ⚤²
:alien: Missy⁷
:blue_heart: Moish
:blue_heart: Monsieur Mallah
:alien: :purple_heart: Mother ⚤⁹
:purple_heart: Mother Panic ⚤
:blue_heart: Mr. Terrific

:heartpulse: Ms. Knight (Spoiler: Nubia & the Amazons)

:purple_heart: Naomi McDuffie ⚤ (Spoiler: Naomi)
:purple_heart: Neon the Unknown ⚤
:purple_heart: Nick Necro ⚤
:purple_heart: Nightmare Nurse ⚤
:purple_heart: Nightwing ⚤³
:purple_heart: Nocturna ⚤
:heartpulse: Nyssa al Guhl
:alien: :purple_heart: Nyx ⚤²
:blue_heart: Obsidian
:heartpulse: Off-Ramp
:purple_heart: Olivia Reynolds ⚤

nb flag OMAC 9 (Spoiler: Superman and the Authority)
:purple_heart: Oracle (Lana Lang) ⚤
:blue_heart: Otto Haddon
:purple_heart: Ozymandias ⚤
:blue_heart: Pablo (Exit Stage Left!: The Snagglepuss Chronicles)
:alien: :purple_heart: Pan ⚤²
:blue_heart: Paul (The Sandman)

:purple_heart: Peacemaker ⚤ (Spoiler: Peacemaker)
:blue_heart: Penguin
:alien: :purple_heart: Persephone ⚤²
:alien: :purple_heart: Phobos ⚤²
:blue_heart: Pied Piper ⚣
:purple_heart: Poison Ivy ⚤
nb flag Porcelain
:purple_heart: Poseidon ⚤²
:purple_heart: Prince Jason ⚤
:blue_heart: Professor Dumbledore ⚣⁷

:heartpulse: Q&&7 (Spoiler: Crush & Lobo)
:heartpulse: Queen Desira
:heartpulse: Queen Hippolyta

:heartpulse: Queen Nubia (Spoiler: Nubia & the Amazons)
:heartpulse: Queen Phillippus
:heartpulse: Question (Renee Montoya) ⚢
:blue_heart: Quick Draw McGraw
:purple_heart: R-Iko ⚤³

:heartpulse: Rachel Moodie (Spoiler: The Sandman)
nb flag Rag Doll (Peter Merkel, Jr.)

:heartpulse: Raven 13 (Spoiler: Suicide Squad: Dark)

  • :blue_heart: Raven 11 (Spoiler: Multiversity: Teen Justice)

:blue_heart: Ray (Raymond Terrill)
nb flag Rebis

  • :blue_heart: Negative Man ⚣

:purple_heart: Red Hood ⚤³
:purple_heart: Red Robin (Tim Drake) ⚤²⁰
:purple_heart: Riddler ⚤

  • 🂡 Riddler (Batman: Arkham)

  • :blue_heart: Riddler (Harley Quinn TV series) ⚣ (Spoiler: Harley Quinn Season 3)

:purple_heart: Robin (Barbara Gordon) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (Baruch Wayne’s girlfriend) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (Batman: Year 100) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (Damian Wayne) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (Dinesh Babar) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (Francisco Ramirez) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (John Grayson) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (Lance Heart) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (Maps Mizoguchi) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (Matt McGinnis) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (Ricky) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (Robert Chang) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (Rochelle Wayne) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (Rodney) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (Tengu) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (Thomas Wayne) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin (Tris Plover) ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin Olsen ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin the robin ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin the Toy Wonder ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin/Hawk Man/Atom ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robin-462 ⚤³
:purple_heart: Robina ⚤³

:purple_heart: Rodunn ⚤ (Spoiler: Young Justice)
:blue_heart: Ruin
nb flag Sam (Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love)
:blue_heart: Sam Zhao
:alien: :purple_heart: Sandman (Morpheus) ⚤²

:purple_heart: Sarah Cushing ⚤ (Spoiler: Superman & Lois)
:blue_heart: Savant
:heartpulse: Scandal Savage
:heartpulse: Seafarer
:blue_heart: Sean Erin
:blue_heart: Seneferu
:purple_heart: Shazam! (Billy Batson) ⚤³
:rainbow: Shazam! (Pedro Peña)²¹
nb flag Shining Knight
:purple_heart: Shrinking Violet ⚤
:purple_heart: Signal ⚤³
:heartpulse: Silhouette ⚢
:transgender_flag: Sir Tristan
:alien: :purple_heart: Skuld ⚤⁹
:blue_heart: Snagglepuss ⚣
:heartpulse: Sophie Moore
:blue_heart: Spider-Man (Peter Parker)/Bug²²
:purple_heart: Spoiler ⚤²³
🂡 Spooner
:purple_heart: Starfire ⚤²⁴
:blue_heart: Starman (Mikaal Tomas) ⚣
:alien: Starro
:heartpulse: Steel (Natasha Irons)

nb flag Stitch (Spoiler: Teen Titans Academy)
:blue_heart: Super-Martian
:purple_heart: Superboy (Conner Kent) ⚤²⁵
:purple_heart: Supergirl (Kara Danvers) ⚤¹⁸

:purple_heart: Superman (Jon Kent) ⚤ (Spoiler: Superman: Son of Kal-El)
:transgender_flag: Suzie Su
:purple_heart: Swift ⚤

? Syl (Spoiler: DC Pride)
:heartpulse: Syszn of the Cliffs
:purple_heart: T.C. ⚤

:transgender_flag: :heartpulse: Taelyr Ilextrix-spiir Biarxiiai (Spoiler: Galaxy: The Prettiest Star)
:blue_heart: Tasmanian Devil
:purple_heart: Tefé Holland ⚤
:blue_heart: Terry Berg ⚣
:alien: :purple_heart: Thalia ⚤²
:blue_heart: The Brain
:alien: :purple_heart: The Doctor ⚤⁷

:purple_heart: The first Robin ⚤³ (Spoiler: Robins)
:purple_heart: The Robin ⚤³
:purple_heart: TheTroyWonder ⚤³
:heartpulse: Thunder (Anissa Pierce)
:purple_heart: Tigress (Tabitha Galavan) ⚤
:blue_heart: Toby Raynes
:heartpulse: Traci 13
🂡 Tremor
:alien: :purple_heart: Triton ⚤²
:blue_heart: Triumph ⚣
:alien: :purple_heart: Urd ⚤⁹

:heartpulse: Valeria Johnson (Spoiler: DC Pride)
nb flag Veil (Future State: Dark Detective)
:alien: :purple_heart: Verdandi ⚤⁹
:alien: Vishnu

:heartpulse: Vixen (Mari) (Spoiler: Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour)
:alien: :purple_heart: Vulcan ⚤²
:transgender_flag: Wanda Mann
:transgender_flag: War Beast/Tina
:blue_heart: Weaponeer 666
:purple_heart: White Canary (Sara Lance) ⚤
:blue_heart: William (Arrow) ⚣

? Wink (Spoiler: DC Pride)
:blue_heart: Wolf Spider
:alien: :purple_heart: Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) ⚤²
:purple_heart: Wonder Woman (Diana of Themyscira) ⚤
:purple_heart: Wonder Woman (Lois Lane) ⚤
:heartpulse: Wonder Woman (Mala)
:heartpulse: Wonder Woman (Nubia)
nb flag Writer²⁶
:blue_heart: Xenos
:heartpulse: XS
:purple_heart: Ya’Wara ⚤
? Yellow Ranger (Trini Kwan)²⁷
:heartpulse: Zelda (The Sandman)
:alien: :purple_heart: Zeus ⚤²

¹Zoë Kravitz said there’s a female character in the film she thinks was Selina’s girlfriend… And it’s not like there’s really anyone else she could be talking about. (Spoiler: The Batman)

²I don’t think it’s been referenced in DC, but it’s generally understood that all the Gods of Olympus are pansexual and genderfluid. Some of the female deities may be asexual (most famously Artemis, who wished on her twelfth birthday that she could stay a virgin for her whole eternal life), but it’s important not to confuse asexuality and celibacy; In any case, virgin goddesses Athena and Artemis have expressed romantic attraction.

³ VOTING CLOSED! Your Complete Guide to DC's 2021 Round Robin Brackets - #76 by HubCityQuestion And unless he says it himself, I refuse to believe he meant anything other than EVERY Robin.

Jason Latour on Twitter: “Yep.”

Sarah Vaugh on ‘Deadman: Dark Mansion’ and why Queer Ghost Stories Matter

Stephanie Williams on Twitter: “One of the newest Amazons is a Black trans woman” (Spoiler: Nubia & the Amazons)

⁷No DC publication ever referenced this character being LGBTQIA+, but in material from the original publisher, they and/or an alternate version(s) are shown/said to be LGBTQIA+.

⁸Well, footnote 7 in any case, and oh boy, this is a Moffat-level brain-teaser. Oswin is definitely straight, and dialogue in “Deep Breath” and “Last Christmas” implies that the original Clara is also exclusively interested in men (although, of course, neither Strax nor the Doctor are famed for their understanding of gender), but dialogue in “The Caretaker” suggests otherwise, and an article on the Doctor Who website discussing inclusivity milestones mentions Clara’s dialogue in “The Caretaker” without labeling her sexuality. Scientists are still working on the cause(s) of sexual/romantic orientation, but we don’t know if all versions of the Impossible Girl have the exact same genetic/hormonal makeup, and it doesn’t make it any easier that Oswin is from so far in the future (obviously, biological evolution takes hundreds of thousands of years, while this is in less than 3500, but I’ve looked at the numbers, and statistically speaking, I’ll be disappointed if we still have gender in the 24th century. Like, at all). My current theory is, “Deep Breath” and “Last Christmas” notwithstanding, Clara is abrosexual (Google it, squiggly red line!), and she was straight when jumped into the crack… But, of course, those other episodes are still standing, and so are my responses to why they might not be binding. Let’s just say we reversed the polarity of the neutron flow and call it a night.

⁹According to various sources, the Norse Fates - Skuld, Urd and Verdandi - and the Greek Fates - Clotho and… The other two… Are both incarnations of the Three-in-One, who take various forms, always within the archetypes of the Mother, the Maiden, and the Crone. Clotho - whichever one she is - is the only one of these to be confirmed as pansexual within DC continuity, but the other two - whoever they are - are too, since they are Greek deities (see footnote 2).

¹⁰In The Sandman Companion, Neil Gaiman said that the Corinithian is gay, but there are two Corinthians, so we didn’t know which one until the TV series revealed that the original Corinthian is bi, meaning the new one must be the gay one.

¹¹To my knowledge, it’s never happened in the same issue, but Death has taken on both male and female forms in post-Flashpoint continuity. Additionally, since Death of the Endless has appeared both on New Earth and in the pre-2011 Vertigo timeline, which Dan Didio confirmed is not part of the 52 realities of the 2007-2011 multiverse, the Endless have domain over at least the entire Infinite Frontier, therefore, it’s likely that every Death ever, male and female, has been the same, for lack of a better word, “person”.

¹²It’s probably safe to assume that clones of queer characters will be the same kind of queer as the original character (unless they’re Bizarros?). Also, the Earth 11 version of Donald is queer. (Spoiler: DC Pride 2022)

¹³Jude Deluca confirmed that characters at the Pride parade in DC Pride 2022 can be considered canonically queer. (Spoiler: DC Pride 2022)

¹⁴The new Fadeaway was revealed in the one-page preview of Blue Beetle: Graduation Day, which lost, so we will (possibly) never know their true identity.

¹⁵I generally assume male characters played by cis female actors (and vice versa) are trans. And in “Episode 75: The Mask of Deception”, Kai said in response to Lloyd’s new voice, “Looks like our little ninja is growing up.” But importantly, Lloyd’s voice isn’t just deeper, it’s more masculine. And given his age, some weird part of me thinks that in the year between Hands of Time and Sons of Garmadon, he became old enough to start taking hormones (although I don’t know what the laws are for someone who’s drunk tomorrow’s tea). So basically, I made it up and now it’s canon. I have spoken. And also see footnote 7.

¹⁶Not really a “character”, but Berlanti appears as himself in the end credits of many of his productions, including some in the Arrowverse.

¹⁷In The Dreaming: Waking Hours, Jophiel did not enter the trance that Ruin and Heather did, which may have been due to being asexual, or due to some sort of general immunity to spells.

¹⁸'Supercorp' Fans Were Heartbroken by the 'Supergirl' Series Finale And as for my opinion as to whether the alternate ending is out there (and not just in Ghost Castle, on a secret roll of microfiche hidden under a pile of Green Arrow and the Canaries Blu-Rays), at first I thought it was bullshit, but The CW declined to comment, so IT’S TOTALLY REAL. And… Am I saying that Tom Taylor felt he could make Zala Jor-El queer because he was so certain that by the time the issue came out, it would already have been canon for almost a month? I’m not saying that. But I’m definitely not not saying that. #ReleaseTheSuperCorpCut! (Spoiler: Supergirl, Dark Knights of Steel)

¹⁹Based on the original Norse mythological basis for the character.

²⁰Tim has had many footnotes attached to the question of his sexuality: See footnotes 3 and 25, and in addition, none of that matters anymore because it’s finally happening and I am so thrilled that I spent a full 5 seconds not thinking about What If… ? coming out in less than 6 hours. (Spoiler: Batman: Urban Legends)

²¹I definitely did not notice this, and I want to thank whoever it was at Wikipedia that pointed it out, but in the Shazam! movie, Pedro’s reaction to… You know, the thing… Definitely suggested he was gay and/or ace.

²²Non-canon developmental stage for something that isn’t even DC; I’m really stretching the “at DC” to an absurd degree.

²³Well, see footnote 3 and also, it turns out one of the other characters on this list has been Steph all along… Or is it the other way around? (Spoiler: Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour

²⁴ Pride Profile: Starfire

²⁵ https://www.dcuniverseinfinite.com/news/robin-superboy-greatest-teen-romance-never-was/

²⁶In the comics, we only ever hear the Writer be referred to by male pronouns, and in this article: The Ten Strangest Members of the Suicide Squad | DC, they are referred to by non-binary pronouns, reflecting Grant Morrison-Prime coming out.

²⁷Well, it’s hard to say anything for sure. But in Saban’s Power Rangers, Zach asked Trini “Boyfriend trouble?” When she did not answer, he added “Girlfriend trouble?” Trini evasively answered “[My family] just like[s] me to be normal and I’m not.” Additionally, it was discussed that a potential sequel might have introduced a female version of Tommy Oliver, who in the original continuity is Trini’s love interest. In any case, it’s only applicable under footnote 7.

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  • Burden (G)
  • Bunker (G)
  • Exoristos (“It’s complicated”?) (depends on your interpretation of how she sees Sir Ystin, regardless of how Sir Ystin sees herself)
  • Cullen Row (G)
  • Knockout (G)
  • Catman (B)
  • Ragdoll (Jr.) (U)
  • Porcelain (?) (can change genders, thus typically referred to by nonbinary pronouns, but we don’t know much about zis gender identity, nor preferences save for “weird stuff”)
  • Nocturna (B?)
  • Wolf Spider (G / NB) (gay in comics, nonbinary in Arrowverse)
  • Obsidian (G)
  • Damon Matthews (G)


I’ve added some of them, and I’ll do some research on these others. Also, what does the question mark mean in Nocturna?


It means I’m not certain if she’s canonically bi, or was “presumed straight” pre-Flashpoint and is gay post-Flashpoint. We’ve never really gotten in to her romantic motivations, so it could just be “sex-for-evil” as needed.


What is Porcelain from? I looked them up on DC Database, but all I got was a character called Porcelain Doll who is listed as female.


SECRET SIX (2014-2016)
And briefly in one frame of Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore’s contribution to the Love is Love tribute to the Pulse nightclub shooting victims. (Though oddly grouped with the Movement crew instead of Secret Six teammates.)


Things are in progress that will provide lots of profiles of the characters being listed out here, with more description than just a name, to be revealed in June.

Reminded me of the big, obvious one:

  • Jericho (B)

As well as…

  • Dr. Ikon (G)
  • Jeannette (B) (Also Secret Six)

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Oh my. I did not realize there WERE clubs until now. Nor did I anticipate there was such an effort going on either. :o

I had been away working on a list myself only to come back and discover this. Though it has been rendered moot, I might as well post up what I came up with myself in any case.

Anaya of the Bana Amazons is gay
Iphthime of the Themyscira Amazons is gay
Menalippe of the Themyscira Amazons is gay
penelope of the Themyscira Amazons is gay
Mala of the Themyscira Amazons is gay
DNA is genderqueer
Tazmanian Devil is gay (married to Extrano~)
Catman is Bi
Shroud is non binary
Roman (Alpha Centurion) is Gay
Maxima is bi

Wonder Woman as already mentioned…
I can’t recall whether it was canon that Philipus and Hippolyta were lovers…

Im delighted though to know such a club already exists and that such an amazing project is already underway


Be patient

The Profiles are in draft in a private ‘Open to Club Leaders’ area

All will be revealed in June


Inside scoop :arrow_up:


Can confirm, our club leaders are gonna be sharing some awesome details in June that will help fill in the blanks here. It’s an exciting time!


I daresay, mine will be longer, 'cause I’ll just add whatever you have! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!