While you are waiting for more comics...

Why can’t anyone enjoy what is available RIGHT NOW?! First handful of issues from Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Rebirth are up. First 10 issues of the Geoff Johns Booster Gold run are up as well. Or the first 30 issues of Bart Allen aka Impulse?!

Point being, I love Batman and Superman but there is much more to DC than just them so check out something new for a change!

I’ll enjoy what is available now and what is on here is great and can only get better!


I have a list of 50 titles across several decades on comics I was waiting to read when this service released. Not a single one of those 50 has a complete arc. I’ve been reading comics for nearly 40 years. I don’t need to be force fed a list of comics I already own, or read, or have no interest in just because some curator decided it is what i should get.


Beggars can’t be choosers dude

Paid consumers can… dude


I didn’t know Vixen had a mini-series. It’s only five issues so I’m going to be reading that. Hopefully they do add more titles, but as of right now, I do see plenty of titles I may not have given a chance before that I will be giving a chance now.

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Stars and STRIPE is a great series. There’s some classic Silver Age goodness with Showcase. And Hitman!

I’m reading Batman and The Outsiders right now, which thankfully has every issue. I’ve never read it before so it’s something at least. While incomplete I’d recommend Starman and The Power of Shazam for those who haven’t read them.

Because social media has trained people to whine and complain. Is this service perfect? No not even close but there’s enough here to fill my spare time for several months. Yearly sub people u got three free months why don’t you chill and come back in December and see what you think than once you are paying you’re whopping $6 a month …

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