Which Writer would you like to write JSA, Scott or Geroff or Both?

  • scott Snyder
  • Geoff Johns
  • scott Snyder and Geoff Johns

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Since Doomsday Clock is over, Both Geoff Johns and Scott Snyder love to write JSA .
remember, no attack, no troll, no argument and no name calling.

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Johns, no question.

I LOVE Geoff John’s run on JSA…but that’s also kinda the problem; he’s DONE the title already. I vote Snyder so we can get someone new onboard


Neither. Let’s get someone else on there.


I’d go for Grant Morrison and Howard Porter. That team worked out pretty darn well the last time they took on a team book.

Otherwise, I agree with @HubCityQuestion. Some new blood would be nice.


I should add other writer but too late.

I think Tomasi might be a good choice.


I’m thinking Tomasi was an editor on JSA. If so, he’s obviously got a great feel for the franchise, so I’d be okay with him writing a new series.

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I read Tom Taylot on Earth 2, from issue 17 on, with.a version of the JSA

He would do a great job.

There’s no reason it couldn’t be a team effort. Johns obviously knows the characters, But Snyder or Tomasi might have some good fresh ideas to add in. I’d just hope a new JSA series wouldn’t be another complete reboot. My choice would be to skip ahead a few years and have the characters dealing with a 3rd generation coming in. Considering things that were implied during previous runs wouldn’t it be cool to see college aged Patricia Dugan as the new Stargirl? How long did it take for Al and Courtney to finally end up together and what are their teenaged kids like? There are so many cool places things could go without a complete reboot.


A thousand monkeys working on a thousand typewriters could write a JSA book, and as long as it featured Alan Davis on covers (even better, covers and interiors), I’d buy it.

so far, more Fans want Geoff to write JSA. thanks, I Am close this poll now.

Ooof. I wish there were more choices.

I would go bonkers over a Pete Tomasi JSA. I’d greatly prefer him to Johns or Snyder. I think Jeff Parker would also be great.

Absolutely Johns.