Which Was More Evil?(Part 2)

I think since Jason was resurrected, I have to go with Tim. He experienced a fate worse than death.

Which was more evil?

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I say Tim, because people voted for Jason to die in the first place.


The Jason death was forced and poorly executed. The vote should be about Jason’s mom, not Joker. She is far more evil.


Although it was very brutal, it wasn’t shocking. Dc literally had the people vote, so they knew it was going to happen. To me, it’s main significance is that it would lead to the birth of Red Hood, my favorite anti hero of all time.

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While what happened to Tim is tragic, the scars left behind seem to linger more on Jason. He was willing to give up his path of being Batman’s aide in order to find his Mother. Once he found her, he learned his Mom was being blackmailed to hook him in by the Joker. As seen in the image, Joker tortured Jason, but kept him alive, for the time. Once Jason was taken to the Lazarus Pit, bringing a soul back into a body has disastrous consequences. In the end, when Jason mostly recovered, he wanted Joker killed to prevent other tragedies. Had Batman listened, what happened to Tim wouldn’t have happened.

Jason will always be the reminder of Batman’s failure. To take that away would discredit what happened. So, that is why it was more evil for Joker to kill Jason than to turn Tim into a mini him.

Edit: Forgot to add, just like it can be argued cold is the absence of heat, evil may be the absence or distortion of love. What happened to Jason began out of a quest for love. That love became manipulated and corrupted. Having a microchip responsible for your actions doesn’t make the designer evil, in Titans, Batman does that to the Robins,, it makes people slaves. While that is still an evil desire, ripping apart love and hope is something that can’t be shaken off.

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Yeah… But at least we go Red Hood, Hush, and Red Robin out of it!!!

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This was actually hard for me, believe it or not. I chose Jason, but not for the reason you would think. I didn’t choose Tim only because, while yes, it’s horrible, it isn’t canon, at least as far as I know of. It seems like this only happened in the DCAU. Jason’s death is canon, and it still effects him to this day, which is understandable. If JJ was apart of Tim’s canon then I would have chose him, because while it’s one thing to be beaten and killed by your enemy, it’s another to be beaten and become their “kid”, not to mention that Tim was at risk to becoming JJ again (which he did).

TL;DR I stuck with Jason because his is canon, Tim’s isn’t (If I remember correctly)