Which versions of the Teen Titans do you like better

Teen Titans 1966
The New Teen Titans
Teen Titans 2003
Teen Titans New 52
Teen Titans Rebirth


Teen Titans Rebirth and 2003


I like the new teen titans

Really enjoyed the 2003 run.

  1. Geoff Johns could write about a chair and I’d read it religiously. :joy:
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New Teen Titans, followed closely by Teen Titans 2003. I could take or leave everything else.


I’m just now reading the Wolfman/Pérez run, and it’s easily in my top 5 comic stories already. I’m also just watching 2003 TT, and am starting season 2 as I write this. I wasn’t into the show when it first aired, but now I appreciate the quality of the story, and that it shows the influence of the Wolfman/Pérez stories.

I’ve really grown to love the original five ether in the 60s or rebirth

New Teen Titans/New Titans Marv Wolfman era is my favorite.

I like the original Titans!
Hmm- even though DC apparently doesn’t from their recent actions.

The new teen titans
Teen titans
Teen titans 03

The rest aren’t really worth mentioning.

I consider the New Teen Titans/New Titans (Wolfman/Perez-era) one of the best team line-ups ever, as the characters balanced out each other. To my surprise, I also enjoyed Dan Jurgens’ Teen Titans from the mid-1990s. Although the Jurgens Titans weren’t the Titans, per se, the book was enjoyable for the first year (through the “Then & Now” storyline).

As much as I enjoy the Silver Age Titans, there is no denying that the Perez/Wolfman run is the very best era of the team. Hands down.

1966 and Rebirth are the ones I’m most familiar with so I’d have to go with those.

Titans 2003 for me.