Which Titan Would You Want to be Trapped in an Escape Room With?



I would want Robin. He’s an actual detective so would know exactly how to solve the different puzzles. Choosing anyone else would just make it too easy!

Robin he’s a babe

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Beast Boy … we could kick and pass the time by charades and jokes!

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Starfire! (And Terra!)

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The original Robin!

Nah, you’re wrong

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Cyborg! Boom tube out ASAP!

Star fire!

Raven. Always Raven


Tied between beast boy and raven. Beast boy gives you lots of options and Raven has her portals, duh!

We would get out in a heartbeat. With his gadgets and skills, no power in the verse could stop us from getting out.

Robin (Dick Greyson) hands down! Plus, if Batman set it up, Robin knows how to hack Wayne Tech!

Statfire duhh!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Dove…cuz…just because…:heart_eyes::smile:

Depends on the Titan version

Teen Titans Go! Starfire. Watching her blow everything up while destroying the English language

Young Justice: Robin he’d get out in no time