Which Teen Titan do you relate to the most?

Personally it’d be Starfire for me. Her positivity, strength and will to overcome everything and anything is so relatable. Wbu?


Timothy Drake-We are very similar. Logic, intelligence, and silly quirks are a big part of me

Joey Wilson-Our personalities are very similar.

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Robin totally

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I don’t relate to her per se, but I love the original version of Raven (Wolfman/Perez). She struggled with her emotions and felt like an outsider even among her family, the Titans.

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I don’t relate to any of them. But I do have a crush on Nightwing.

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Raven by far

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Tim Drake Robin.


Robin! Growing up I always looked up to Grayson as a role model. Just an over all badass with a heart of gold.

Bart Allen Imulse/Kid Flash/Flash as he and I are both dudes trying to have an extremely fun time in life but sometime dark situations end up happening to us.

Dick I look up too, But I relate more to Wally and Beast Boy

Wally West / Kid Flash.

Always liked Wally but I am more like BeastBoy.

Aqualad. Besides being a good swimmer, I talk to my beta when I feed him. The weird thing is, he looks like he understands me … It’s a little off-putting. :slight_smile:

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Not sure I relate to any of them personally, but maybe the friendly relationship between Beast Boy and Raven is what I relate to. It reminds me a little of the Maggie and Glenn relationship from the Walking Dead before they got all serious and deadly. The awkwardness and how they pick each other up in a light way is relatable.

All of the good ones.

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Probably Raven, constantly fighting my own demons but remaining positive.

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I’d be between Raven and Starfire for very similar reasons

Zachary Zatara. What can I say? I’m a showman.

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Probably Damian Wayne because I’m relatively smart and have no friends, lol.