Which team is better. Teen Titans or Justice League?


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Depends. The members of both keep changing. I typically prefer the Justice League though.

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Depends which incarnation of which team we’re comparing, but I’ve always been more attracted to the Titans because they tend to care more for their teammates and act as a class, a group of friends or even a family. The Justice League is usually just portrayed as a group of people forced to work together. There’s usually more bickering and indecision, less trust and not as much respect going around in the League. That’s why on Marvel’s side, I usually prefer the X-Men, the New Mutants, the Young Avengers and the Runaways to the Avengers themselves. Plus, I just have an emotional connection to the New Teen Titans comics by Wolfman and Perez, those comics helped me get past some hard times.

Yeah, I’m going to say it depends on the lineup too. Generally, I think I like the League a little better, but it varies so much with the writer and the membership that it’s hard to say. I guess I find the League’s basic concept and classic members more interesting, but the Titans tend to have a better team dynamic given how close they tend to be.

1: Justice League Unlimited (kinda cheating since it has pretty much everybody, but… it has pretty much everybody)
2: Giffen/DeMatteis JLI
3: JLA-era League lineup (I don’t actually care for Grant Morrison’s run, but I liked who he had on the team and getting rid of half the characters was one of the flaws in the otherwise superior Mark Waid run)
4: Late '90s Devin Grayson-era merged Titans with the founders, some of the Wolfman crew, and a couple new faces
5: Satellite League

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Teen Titans. Does anyone actually look at the individual members of the Justice League and go, gee, The Flash is great and all, but I wish he had a bunch of other people to bounce off of? Batman and Superman at least, have epic rogue galleries and supporting characters so they don’t really need more characters to always be interacting with. I don’t know what the magic of Teen Titans is, but it’s great and it works.

Marvel can get away with big team ups more easily too since their superheros (at least in the movies) aren’t really tied to a geographic location. They also tend to be snarky or whatever which makes it fun. With the Justice League you kind of get the sense that they’ll all be professional to eachother (kinda dull) or fight with eachother (annoying).

I guess what makes the Teen Titans work is that they are young so they can learn from eachother. It’s kind of hard to buy that Superman needs any kind of backup.

I agree with the consensus: the teams vary too much for me to make a broad statement one way or another. Are we talking about the Silver Age League vs. the Silver Age Titans? The New Teen Titans vs. Justice League Detroit? The Morrison JLA vs. the Jurgen TT? The New 52 Justice League vs. the Culling-era Teen Titans?

Justice League easy.

Justice League.

Members of the Teen Titans aspire to one day join the Justice League. Nobody from the League aspires to join the Titans.

Justice league by far

First of all, which versions of Teen Titans and Justice League? The second question is: better at what? Both franchises have their strengths. FWIW, “The New Teen Titans” saved DC from oblivion in the 1980’s.

Which team has Firestorm? The JL. Which team doesn’t have Firestorm? Teen Titans. The winner: JL.

I like the Teen Titans.

I think teen titans is the better team in the sense of reading/watching, but JL is way more powerful

Comics - It depends.

I’m a Leaguer all the way. I especially like the JLI. with Morrison’s JLA a close second.
I loved the concept of the JLU but wish they had spent more time on the non-founding members.
More episodes like Patriot Act would have been great.
Fire and Ice were always seen hanging out together but we never got them their own episode.
I know they had a couple of big romantic triangle episodes with GL Hawkman and Shayera, But I was really chomping for an episode with Green Arrow and Hawkman bickering as they fought Gentleman Ghost and Count Vertigo.