Which Robin is the most like Batman?

Which Robin is the most like Batman?
Though I think Dick may be the best and Robin I think Tim is the most like Bruce



Tim’s definitely next in line to be Batman.

Damian has that same coldness as Bruce

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Damien believes he’s entitled to be Batman when he grows up, but his arrogance will always prevent him from achieving his true potential.

Jason has it in him to be a good hero. But his moral center is thrown off completely by a slight case of death.

Dick made a great Batman, but unlike Batman he is a positive person. Ironically because Bruce helped him achieve the closure that he never had.

Tim is the most like Batman. Even though his family wasn’t rich he and Bruce were born into similar backgrounds. They have a similar moral compass, they both think things through and are several steps ahead of people, they are both detectives, and most importantly they were both able to turn their personal tragedies into something positive.