Which Robin are you most like?

This includes Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne because they are the main four. Before you go off on me for not including Stephanie Brown and/or Carrie Kelly, I do not think they count because they spent so little time as Robin.

I will say I think I am like Dick because I am a fun loving, adventurous king of guy.
I hope you enjoy this discussion!


I’m also most like Grayson

Damian I have his sarcasm

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Yeah I would say Dick.

A combination of Grayson and Wayne

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Carrie Kelley as Robin

Dick Grayson. He’s my spirit animal lol :joy:

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Tim, for sure

Combination of Dick and Tim.

Jason Todd

I relate to the whole street kid/hoodlum thing.

Jason Todd, I relate to him. Trying to live up to what everyone wants you to be after being nothing but trouble when you was young. To eventually having to do things how you want your way and :fu:t2: anyone who wants to judge or try to stop you.

I’m like serial killer Dick Grayson from TITANS, except shorter and with less amazing hair. And except my parents are both still alive. And except i still haven’t found a billionaire benefactor. And except i don’t know karate. And except i don’t dates womens. And except… Well i at least look kinda like Tim Drake from Arkham City and Arkham Knight.

And except i ain’t never killed nobody.