which one of you “MOD” took my “Titans” review down?

I don’t see my review? Did you take it down because there is a curse word in it? I find that ridiculous. You have the most violent superhero show in the world. This is a exclusive paid subscription. I paid $74.99 for this, I might actually help you sell a sub with a good review. I’m guessing you don’t have that many. I look forward to a response from one you. Maybe I’m mistaken?

Maybe it was moved. Looks around as its been happening

Did I have a curse word in there?

Hi IsaacBrown, there is no record of your review being deleted.
However, to address your question, our community guidelines stipulate that excessive profanity is not tolerated in our comments. We understand the content has an adult rating, but we do ask that public discourse around the content is kept clean. You may refer to our community guidelines if you have any questions.

Don’t know, I didn’t read it. Could have simply moved to Misc or Fan Contribution or something. Mods have been strict lately about what goes into which section

There are like 15 Titan threads in the past hour or two. :Are you sure it’s not one of those?

That’s strange @TX85 can serve as an alibi. Hmmm thanks for the response anyway. I personally don’t use a lot of profanity, once and a while. What happens when a response is flagged, does it disappear?

I don’t see it were I uploaded it, no big deal. They said they didn’t delete it so I’m cool

Chances are it is in a new voard. In some time, it should be back to where it was.

Board not voard

It’s back up now, right we’re I uploaded it