Which of Titan's characters is craziest?

-Bruce Wayne takes in children and teaches them to mutilate evil-doers.

Dick Grayson mutilates villains.

Jason Todd mutilates cops.
-Beastboy, Starfire, Raven, Dove & Donna don’t really do anything too crazy. (Outside of Dove confronting Hank’s pedophile.)

…Then there’s Hawk…Hank makes it his mission to get drunk and team up with his brother attack convicted pedophiles in costume. The scene where Hank & his brother disrespect the college administrator who was being way to lenient with them was AWKWARD.

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Hawk hands down

I might say Jason Todd. He is the only one without a partner or teammate to help him if he goes over the edge.

Plus, after having a miserable childhood, he believes it is justice for the cops to suffer for what they did to him. And, when Dick points that out, Jason responds by saying how good it feels and that he can do whatever the freak he wants. That indicates he does not listen to others and plays by his own rules.