Which Lantern Corp do you belong to?

If you could join any lantern Corp what Corp would you join?

Orange! But only if I’m the only one!


Turquoise… We have the power over the feeling you get when you eat sugar for the first time, when you get to 3rd base for the first time, and when you orgasm while watching White Christmas (or a Zack Snyder film) in June.


I would probably be in Green or Red.
p.s. how can I add a profile picture?

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Obviously Green as Willpower is a strong suit of mine and i find that the characters in the comics who are associated are always good, except Hal Jordan as Parallaxx

Green or Blue Lantern! However, the Ultraviolet Lantern might change that!

Red, because a red lantern rabbit would go on adventures with Dex-Starr, causing havoc around the universe.

Green, Will power is all encompassing. Will power is how I get through. Shout out to my man, Kyle Rayner.

Blue lantern Corp

I stay angry so Red lol

I thought one day about what Lantern Corps I would belong to, and a few seconds later, my mind showed me a mental picture of a green ring and red ring. Makes sense- when I get angry, my aggression cannot be contained, otherwise, I have very high willpower to recognize emotions and other situations, and if I want it to change, it quickly does. Hopefully, my Willpower will overcome my Rage, and I just become a Green Lantern.

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Red Lantern Corps

If I could, I would be a Blue Lantern. They are the coolest! I always want to be the healer. (Unfortunately, hope is an area of my life I need to work on)

Usually, the White Lantern Corps heals, but I am not too familiar with the different power rings.

I will be anything as long as I can hang with Star Sapphire

Or any other female lanterns

Blue Lanterns are the most interesting given their connection to the Green Lanterns.

Do Greens get to chill with Sapphires?

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Who heals? Blue or White? It’s been a while. I just remember homeboy going everything… Rayner?

I know Red is bad… lol

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