Which is worse? Superman 4 or Superboy (Tv series)

Both have really awful special effects but the acting is way worse in Superboy




Superman 4 wasn’t worse than the other old Superman movies.

I may be in the minority but I like Superman 4 better than Superman 3.

I’ll take the comedy of the bad special effects over the “comedy” they were going for in 3. Not to mention that horrifying scene with the woman in the machine. I hated that so much as a kid.


I’m going to say 4 because that actually had a film budget yet still re-used the same flying shot for every scene. Plus, rebuilding the wall with some sort of ’ brick vision’!? C’mon, Canon films…

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IV had a budget, then lost most of it thanks to the cheapskates at Golan/Globus. How do you and why would you cut the budget for a Superman movie? Chuck Norris Buys Some Bologna XXV (or whatever “films” of his they financed over and over) are one thing. Cutting the scratch for a Superman movie (whose star and screenwriter wanted to get the series back on track with this movie) is, as Zod said: “Heresy!”


Superboy season 1> superman 4> superboy season 2 (currently on)> superman 3.

While Christopher Reeve preferred 3 over 4, I agree with Margot Robbie that 4 is better than 3. 3 had a video game machine attempt to defeat Superman, black kryptonite that led him to being angry and promiscuous, and a domino opening. Those three occurrences really detracted from the film. The only main issue with 4 was what someone mentioned with brick lazor eyes. Plus, Luthor appeared in 4.

Superman IV is over in 90 minutes.

With Superboy, you have to suffer through four whole seasons.

(I actually enjoy both in many ways, but there are a LOT of painful Superboy episodes)

What’s the name of Clark’s buddy in the first season of Superboy?

Margot Robbie likes IV over III? I’m surprised she’s seen them but good for her.

@Vroom You mean discount Jimmy Olsen?

Yeah, that weiner! In the season one episodes I’ve seen, he’s quite annoying (and that’s being charitable).

Stacy Haiduk as Lana kind of makes up for him. Well, not really. She was on SeaQuestDSV.

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IV was the worst. I liked the Superboy series.

@Vroom It was T.J. White. Since you also mentioned Stacy Haiduk, I personally think she has been the most attractive Lana.

Also, I am not sure if Margot Kidder watched the films, but I read that her role in III was greatly reduced because she argued with the director and producers, so they gave her less than five minutes of screen time for the movie. For four, she just played her role, but she did not mind it as much, if I recall correctly.

I’d say Kristin Kreuk was the prettiest Lana but Haiduk’s pretty too. She’s a redhead so that’s a big advantage.

I thought you said Margot Robbie had seen Superman III and IV. Maybe I read it wrong. Yeah, Kidder didn’t care for Lester too much so she got the scoot from III. It worked out fine though because Annette O’Toole was a perfect Lana.

I am not too familiar with the comic creation of Lana Lang, but I was not too fond of Annette O’Toole’s portrayal. While there were interesting parts like Clark’s interaction with Ricky, the plot behind it was to attempt a rekindle between Clark and Lana, but I prefer Lois with Clark.

What interested you most about Kristin Kreuk?

While she tends to play smarter characters, I prefer Stacy Haiduk’s portrayal because her version of Lana seems more bad girl, which is, in the right situation, very attractive.

Superman IV is worse. Superboy was a fun little show that worked very well with it’s small budget. Also it used to air before My Secret Identity which was away.

I think some people from the comics worked on Superboy too so it had that going for it. Which is nice.

Kristin Kreuk had a very warm, comforting feel to her I really dug.

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Easily the Superboy Series. Even as horrible as Quest for Peace is, it still had Reeve, Hackman, Kidder, Cooper, and even Cryer in it’s cast.