Which Is the Best Batman Arkham Game?

I can’t physically rank these games. No one of them is my favorite. I love all of these. Asylum was the surprisingly amazing first, city was the phenomenal sequel, origins was the criminally underrated prequel, and Knight was the killer ending. But maybe it’s easier for you, so tell me.

Which is the best Batman Arkham game?

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To be honest, I’ll never know what it was like to play these games when any of them were initially released, but having bought them all and played them within the last year or two, Arkham Knight is by far the best. Bigger world, the car doesn’t glitch, and predator maps have a lot more variety to them than in the other games. Combine that with all of the added skins and side missions, and I feel like it really takes the cake as the best Arkham game.


AA. If I get to AO, it might change. There’s also Blackgate.

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I purposely left out blackgate because it’s very different from the other games, and these four are like the main games in the series.


Arkham City, obviously.

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Arkham Knight is vastly superior to its predecessors in most ways. That said, the Batmobile segments practically ruined the experience (largely because there were far, far too many of them).

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Going strictly by story I’d choose origins. Going strictly by graphics and gameplay I’d choose Knight. Both Asylum and City have all those things balanced. But I’d choose Asylum just cuz the story was more contained, straight forward (less side missions taking you off track in fact I don’t remember there being any and if there were they flowed perfectly with the main story), and fun imo. But Origins has become my favorite.

I would like rocksteady and WB to remake these games for next gen consoles with the graphics and animations from Knight or better and added gameplay features like the more dynamic predator sequences where they would learn your tricks and more boss fights like Freeze, and how you can fight with and swap between characters, etc. Add in all the scrapped scenes and missions. And work a little on Origins to match the continuity from the others.

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maybe they should have changed Batman Arkham Knight into Batmobile Arkham Knight