Which is better Elseworlds or Crisis on Earth-X?

I thought last crossover was the best one they ever did and would be hard to top. After seeing the promos for Elseworlds I think it will be better. I haven’t watched it yet since I’m a few episodes behind but I’m curious to know which Arrowverse crossover you guys liked better.

Elseworlds, which saying something because I like all of the crossovers

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I thought Crisis on Earth-X was a lot better. I’m a little disappointed in Elseworlds.

Not fond of the crossovers. Their choice for Superman and Lois Lane is horrible.

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I’ve loved all of the crossovers except the one with the Hawks. That one was kinda meh.

Earth x was better


That’s tough. I’d probably say Earth X for tone & Elseworlds for characters & for its conclusion.

Earth x

I can’t argue either way Earth X was amazing too. Both great in unique ways.

I liked both crossovers, but I have to give the edge to Earth X.

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