Which Iconic Batman Storyline Is the Best? (Finale)

Ok! It’s time to settle it once and for all! I’ve finally read black mirror, so it’s time to decide which of these three is the greatest Batman storyline ever! I’ve honestly got to go with black mirror. You guys were right. It was amazing. So let’s see what you guys think? Which one is the greatest???

Which iconic Batman storyline is the best?

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3 way tie now.

BLACK MIRROR! All the way man!

Still gotta go with Year One by a slim margin, although I’ve never read Black Mirror.

LOVE Long Halloween :jack_o_lantern::ghost: !!! Not very fond of Dark Victory. Year One is really good too. Really like the movie though most people don’t cuz it’s about Gordon. And never read Black Mirror.

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Love all these stories. I had to go with Year One… Simply because I couldn’t vote for all three. :sunglasses: