Which Hush is it?

So, by now everyone has probably heard of the new Batman: Hush movie. With the trailer out I immediately thought Hush was Jason Todd, with how his story arc of the Red Hood is. I looked on here to find Hush is someone named Dr. Thomas “Tommy” Elliot. But, while I sesrched it up on Google, it had also said Jason Todd is Hush.

Who do you think it will be in the movie?

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Pretty certain it’s the one that’s in the comic book arc the movie is based on.

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It would be boring if it’s just Jason Todd or Red Hood. Not that I don’t like the character, he’s cool whether normal or Red Hood bit it’s just too predictable and he was Knight already so…

I haven’t read the comics but if it’s just him, I guess this thread shoulda been marked a spoiler and I’m less excited about it.

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@Gibbyhertz Then you should read Hush.

By the end of it, you’ll be eating your Rosarita’s with baited breath with each flip of the page :slight_smile:

Jason Todd has never been Hush. In the original story, Clayface briefly tried to make Batman think that Jason Todd was Hush, but as far as I’m aware there’s no timeline where that’s actually been the case, and that’s a good thing. All the mysterious masked villains(/anti-heroes (when Jason is written poorly (which is often))) in leather coats with personal ties to Bruce are confusing enough on their own without taking each other’s costumes and names.


Jason is a fake Hush.

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I highly recommend reading the book. It’s available on DC universe. It’ll clear up any confusion and is one of the best ways to spend your time in this app.


Who knows. Although it’s an adaption, DC has made changes to these stories before. So would it be out of the question they make Hush Jason? No. I’m hoping they don’t.

There are some really great ideas and information in this thread! You guys rock!

I can’t wait to see who Hush turns out to be, but I am notoriously bad at solving mysteries so I’ll keep my two cents in my pocket for now.