Which Five Do You Prefer?

Between the starting Five Rosters of Young Justice and Teen Titans, I have had a tough time determining which side I would take. However, after looking back I would take this Young Justice five over the Teen Titans five. Which team would you take?

If we are talking animation

There are six members in young justice

What the first seasons of both series differs from each other is that in Young Justice, their history mattered. Also there were more encounters with the world.

The teen titans were an insular group, with them often playing off each other. They only interacted with villains and each other. That is interesting because Marv Wolfman specifically created Starfire Raven and Cyborg so he could tell different types of stories: aliens from other space, horror and city street/disabled/other/cyber science fiction.

So I prefer young justice.


Teen Titans for sure. Wolfman & Perez were incredible but I’ll stand by it all. Has

a large number of my favorite characters ever all in one place. That said I still have

mucho love for YJ.

Can the Fatal Five somehow be counted? Didn’t think so.

I’ll side with YJ as I like it more than TT.

I’m talking comics & characters when I say Titans over YJ & the original core only. I’d take YJ the show over TT the show (animated series). I’d take the YJ characters if you’re talking all the YJ characters over the full “Arsenal “ (lol) of characters from all 3 seasons. But if you’re asking the core members in comics only, definitely TT.

Not all lineups are exactly five members, so I’ll give myself a +/-2. And since there are too many possible lineups, I’ll go with top five.

  1. Comics: Teen Titans (1960s) - Original Fab Four (and eventually Five)
  2. Comics: New Teen Titans (1980) - The Wolfman/Perez Seven
  3. Animated: Young Justice (Season 1) - The Core Six
  4. Comics: Teen Titans (2003) - Geoff Johns’ run, the Four left over from Young Justice
  5. Comics: Young Justice (1998) - While the first few issues with the boys are good, the book gets so much better with the addition of the girls.

If we’re just talking animation,
Young Justice > Filmation Teen Titans (1960s) > Teen Titans > Teen Titans Go

I like young justice more than teen titans although they still good