Which dc daily cast member would you cast for a voice over role?

If you had to cast one dc daily cast members for an animated voice over role, who would you cast and what dc character would they play?

I would cast Samm Levine, hope I spell his name right, I think he has a good voice to play any characters. Hector would be great also! :slightly_smiling_face:

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#HectorisBane he did his impression of Bane on dc daily a couple of times and it was awesome!!!

Also Hector. He’s had a few great ones including the French version of Harrison Sherloque Wells. Also, gotta say Whitney Moore since she did voice Stargirl in YJ3 very well too.

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I also think Whitney Moore would be an awesome catwoman! And Sam Humphreys would be great doing the voice of the Phantom Stranger.

John Kourounis always had the best voice over segments on DC Daily. Cast him as Booster Gold or Mr. Miracle.

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Left to right on the couch here:

Clarke Wolfe: Vicki Vale
Hector Navarro: Paco Testas
Tiffany Smith: Iolande
Whitney Moore: Cat Grant
Sam Humphries: Harvey Quinn
Amy Dallen: Misfit

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I can definitely see Clarke Wolfe as Vicky Vale!!!

…Also maybe poison ivy

Whitney as Cat Grant, that would be interesting :thinking: