Which DC Comic Story Had the Biggest Personal Impact On You?

As comic fans, we all have those stories and/or story-lines that hit a personal note with us. For me it was “Flashpoint”, I got to the part where Bruce is reading the letter from Thomas and was instantly impacted. All I could think about was receiving one last letter from my father, who had passed on several years before. So, what story (or stories) from DC has impacted you the most, and if you feel like saying, why?


My love for batman began as a child thanks to the animated series and the toys growing up. Sadly I didn’t pick up my first comic book until I was 27 years old. It was Batman Year one, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Not just Batman but opened my curiosity on for other heroes and non hero comics (big fan of horror, image comics as well) so def year one! It began it all for me!

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There are so many the impacted me on a profound level. Admittedly the one with the most physical reaction is (and all its iterations) Death of Superman. I cry EVERY single time the character is killed by Doomsday. His death signifies a loss of hope and people looking for other ways to find it. That is awe inspiring to see the total devastation and how people rebuild.

Crisis on Infinite Earths. It was my jumping on point in Comics. I loved the Super Friends growing up and I believe that reading the comics helped my interest in learning to read.

Identity crisis hit me pretty good. Hmm…Also the Death of superman as stated above.

It was Death of Superman for me. Pre- internet days and being ten years old hit me hard. It was covered in newspapers and news stations. Once I got a bit older I asked my comic shop about Watchmen. He told me I should wait till I’m a bit older to read it but that made me want it more. I went to local shows and put together a run. It blew my mind!

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It’s gotta be Blackest Night. So many zombie characters sheesh :zipper_mouth_face:

It would have to be Green Lantern:The End when Hal asks Sinestro if after everything they had been though (Rebirth/Wars/new guardians/Blackest &Brightest) where they ever really friends in the beginning or was he just playing him for a fool and Sinestro says “Hal you where always my friend” and it struck a cord like Kirk and a misguided Spock. After everything that had happened he would still call him a Friend and that means a lot.


The Infinity Gauntlet

The Killing Joke. It was my introduction into comics and made me a Batman fan for life. I still consider it the greatest comic ever written.

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Mine would have to be The Dark Knight Returns. Great graphic novel and my favorite comic storyline. It really hit me with some scenes, like the last fight with Batman Vs. Joker.

Definitely Crisis on Infinite Earths issue 7 when Supergirl was killed when she sacrificed her life for Superman. I was devastated because she and Batgirl were my favorite heroines. Then a few years later in The Killing Joke they put Barbara in a wheelchair. I couldn’t believe what was happening to my girls. It was a dark time.

Crisis on Infinite Earths… That series was awesome

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I’m going with Death of Superman when Bibbo is alone at his bar. He prays for Superman and then says “God? I gotta ask…why?..It just aint right…”

Gets me every time.


80s Animal Man reads like one two-year arc and I don’t know if any other comic has ever moved me like that.

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My most enjoyable DC story, that had an impact on me, came from my first graphic novel or storyline I ever read, “Hush.” That story was beautifully written & the artwork was incredible. I loved it and still do to this day. I mean Batman & his characters were always favorites, but that story was spectacular. One of the best for Batsy & one of my best memories reading it as a teenager.

For me personally, Batman Court of Owls. I love how Batman persevered, even going as far as drinking drugged water knowingly. How he mapped the maze out. I love it!

All star Superman, taught me a lot.


Kingdom Come was it for me. So brilliantly written and tied in. Superman with the black behind his “S”. The gross abuse of powers. A grown up Billy Bateson. I am always drawn to the alternate paths that can be dreamed up while staying within the myths. And let’s not forget the state of Kansas being decimated.


The injustice comics! I’ve always wondered why the Justice League (or our government for that matter) never kill criminals, no matter how insane and cruel their crimes are. But after reading it, I know why. Completely changed my beliefs and moral standards as a human being.