Which DC Characters Do You Hate the Most and Why?

Here’s my list:

  1. Harvey Bullock- He’s literally the worst cop
  2. Doctor Light- Extremely lame
  3. Penguin- Literally looks like a deformed Penguin and falls flat like 80% of the time.
  4. Silas Stone- His main personality trait was being a terrible father.

I actually couldn’t make a full list because there’s no 10 characters that I actually hate. The bottom three I only kinda hate, but I have a deep hatred for Detective Bullock. I want him to die a slow and painful death and then be retconned out of existence.


Barbara Gordon, Captain Atom, Per Degaton, Dr. Manhattan, Alexander Luther (New 52), Cyborg, Old Dick Grayson, Brainwave Sr. (Stargirl), The Mutant Leader, Lana Lang (Smallville), Atomica, Magog, Thomas Eliot, and most of all Jason Todd’s mom.

Other than Hush I consider all the villains mentioned above to be terrific villains.


I believe there are no bad DC characters; every one of them has potential in the hands of the right creative team.

Not a fan of James Gordon Junior as a serial killer, though.


I have only read the comics up to 1939, but what about Batman? I doubt any creative team could ever make him memorable. I am sure he will be forgotten by 1940.


Interested to know why you hate Capt Atom.

Shiv from Stargirl (unlikable)
Avery Sunderland from Swamp Thing (dick)
Lex Luthor from BvS. I usually love him as a villain but that interpretation I just hated him.
Joker from Suicide Squad for the same reason as Lex from BvS.
Felicity from Arrow (I just remember her being overly dramatic even for a CW drama, it was annoying especially since I liked her previously)
Fish Mooney from Gotham (I liked her as a villain at the start but Gotham but Spoiler: they overly extended her character when she was on the island in Season 1. I didn’t care about her story at that point and would dread whenever we cut back to her. She should’ve stayed dead and apparently she keeps coming back after ‘dying’ several times. Very eye-rolling.

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r_ash81.55411 Betraying the Justice League due to an old commitment to Wade Eling.
NanoDeVice I always found Shiv to be pitiable.
If they called BvS anything but Lex I would have loved it. Ideally Toyman.
I never watched Arrow, but my brother really hates Felicity.

Two words. Joker’s Daughter… She is fundamentally the worst character created from the new 52 as she is just a edgy teenager trying to be cool by literally wearing the face of Joker. Essentially she’s a less refined Punchline.


Damian. Before him, I never thought I’d ever care enough to actually hate a fictional character.


Damian Wayne - not only is he the farthest cry from what Robin is supposed to represent, the character has no endearing qualities that make me wanna read him, he’s an entitled, spoiled, prick, who enjoys hurting people not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. He’s a toxic bully. Also cannot stand how OP DC makes him out to be (but this is also the fault of Batman and how they write him as well) and how they purposely cram him down our throats by having him take the spotlight from characters who are far more liked and been around for decades longer.
Batman - DC makes him wan too OP. Nobody is that perfect. Nobody can never not make a mistake. He has absolutely no personality - he’s stale and blank all the time. Can’t stand how DC pushes him into everything just for marketing purposes when he’s not needed at all! And most of all I DESPISE how other members of the bat family are held back just because Batman can never learn, grow, age, or have any sort of character development! It’s asinine!
And most of all…
Red Hood - What is he really good for? He was a terrible Robin and died because he wasn’t good enough. Now he kills people for a living because he couldn’t cut it and “batman couldn’t save me” boo ■■■■■■■ whoo! He’s just a bloodthirsty, trigger happy, whinny, little ■■■■■. The only reason people gravitate towards him is because they wanna be different and “edgy” for what? It doesn’t make you cool because you choose the character that uses guns. It also makes no sense for him to even be apart of the Batfamily because he doesn’t even follow the code or oath they all took! He’s just another useless antihero.


General Zod because in Smallville he destroyed Krypton and Maxwell Lord from the Supergirl series he’s all talk and Slade Wilson from Smallville worst Death Stroke ever and I also hated Bane from Dark Knight Rises also

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Hero wise it’s Def. Damian for Me! … Because mainly of what it Did to Tim’s Development


Jason Todd. He was a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: back in the day and he’s a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:today.

And Lois :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:’in Lane. She is an unscrupulous piece of gutter trash.

I thought I was the only one who disliked Barbara Gordon. :slight_smile:


I forgot about Jason Todd’s mom. She was honestly more evil than any other DC character ever without even trying


I didn’t even get to Smallville Deathstroke. Smallville kinda screwed up a bunch of characters too

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DC tried with him. As far as anti-heroes go, I gravitate towards Marvel because DC’s kinda suck. They should’ve just let him stay dead. They also should’ve let Barry Allen stay dead. Wally West was a great Flash on his own, although his costume was really unoriginal, but then Barry came back and I was just like no, j was cool with you being dead


I completely agree they all shoulda stayed dead.

Also Supergirl should’ve stayed dead or grown up

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I didn’t want to count any character that I actually love, and just can’t stand to see them misused in a certain way. I figure, if I do that, I’ll be here all day listing Superman II’s Superman or Kingdom Come’s Captain Marvel or every Dumb Jerk Orion, and all sorts of characters whose crime is just being a worse version of a character I love.

But are there, I wondered, any DC characters I HATE, entirely, of their very being?

No, I realized, not really.

I went through DC’s list of characters on their website and I didn’t come up with a lot. But there are a couple I think we could do without.

  1. Joker - The problem with Joker isn’t intrinsic, it’s that we all drank his kool-aid about being Batman’s evil opposite. He’s just a kind of cool villain, but he’s a very flat character, he doesn’t truly represent anything, in most stories, but we still all act like he’s a big deal. Gimme a break with the Joker already. Put him back to robbing banks while replacing the moneybags with bags of monopoly money or whatever the heck he used to do. I’m always here for that.
  2. Damian Wayne - Damian is frustrating because I actually really liked him at first, when he was with Dick, but I think the conceit of “A Robin Who Isn’t Anything Like Robin At All, Actually” wore out pretty much the exact second that Dick went back to Nightwing, though it took me a little while to realize. Damian is actually not a bad character, he just isn’t ROBIN, and he overshadows Robin by being Damian Wayne, Son of the Batman. But Robin is one of my favorite super-heroes, and with Damian being himself and Tim acting the brooding Kid Batman role on and off since his Dad died, I feel like Robin The Boy Wonder hasn’t been around for a while.
  3. Jon Kent - Jon’s not a bad character intrinsically either, but ipso facto, Superman and Lois’ world revolves around him a little. I think in a “Superman Family” series relegated to a parallel world, like they had back in the Bronze Age, he could be great. But not as a permanent fixture in the Main DCU.
  4. I don’t hate Hawkman, I just kind of get bored whenever he shows up for some reason. I can’t even explain why, it just happens.