Which DC character needs better Rogues Gallery?

When it comes to a great villain’s library, Batman rules the roost in DC, with Superman definitely coming in second- or even occasionally matching Batman’s, and the Flash comes in behind the both of them. But who comes after the Flash? It feels like everyone but these three gets the short end of the stick when it comes to a decent rogue’s gallery. Arrow had to borrow Batman villains just to give Ollie a villain of the week, and Supergirl borrows all Superman’s enemies.

So which DC hero do you think deserves a boost in the Rogue’s gallery or has the potential for a great Rogue’s gallery?

Personally, I think Green Arrow could stand to have a few more original villains. He’s basically brighter Batman-lite. They could make villains similar to Batman’s rogue to match him.

Personally I think characters like Raven, Batgirl, Starfire, and Beast Boy should have alot of original vilians I mean just bc they aren’t as popular and Known as Superman and Batman and stuff ( like ask a three year old who Beast Boy is then Ask who Batman is) I still think they could have pretty awesome vilians like a Demon that is trying to consume Ravens powers or a shape shifter that got his powers the same way as Gar and they could be called like idk DarkEater or darkdavae or something and The Carnivore or something (and DC feel free to use my Ideas lol) instead of just people like Blackfire and Trigon although they are both Amazing!

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Aquaman can have his rogue expanded definitely. Besides Ocean Master, Black Manta he really doesn’t have anybody. Hopefully the Dark Abyssal returns

Shazam can have his expanded.

Maybe Green Arrow can have more compelling villians.

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Green lantern

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Katana & the Metal Men

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I second for Aquaman. He really needs another great villian. He has two, but that is not enough.

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Aquaman is a good choice. Especially since his movie is a smash success and is going to get more people than ever before interested in his comic. Also in need of more rouges, and coincidently getting an upcoming movie, Shazam. I’d also like to see more straight Booster Gold villains. I love Booster, and his stock would rise and he may be able to sustain a long running series with more villains🍀

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Wonder Woman
Green Arrow
Could all use a revamp of their rogues gallery. Go back in the past and find old villains and reimagine them.