Which DC Character Gets On Your Nerves?

So it’s basically what the title says, Who gets on your nerves? We always see questions asking who your favorite D.C. character is or who you’d wanna spend a day with. But what about the flipside…we all love D.C. but of course there will always be at least 1 character that we don’t like or might annoy us depending on the context lol For me (it pains me to say this), it was Wonder Woman. I just couldn’t stand her and her aggressive way of communicating and just “acting” without regard for others…it just really annoyed me sometimes lol Of course I still loved everything D.C. and the JLA and you can clearly tell that opinion of her has changed for me lol

And it’s okay if you love everyone 100%, I didn’t know the best way to word this post either without coming across like I genuinely dislike a character because that’s not what I’m asking/mean :slight_smile: But yeah I’ll shut up now, would love to hear everyone elses thoughts!!!


What a great question!!!
I usually can’t stand Wonder Woman. It definitely depends on her creative team, but for the most part she’s usually on the bottom of my list lol. Same with Damien Wayne really.
Beyond that, it’s less specific characters I don’t like and more particular actors/actresses or comic runs/creative teams I don’t like.
I can’t wait to see everyone else’s answers!


Bat-Mite or Mxyzptlk. Or both.

I guess goofy reality warper characters just aren’t my thing.


Batman’s popularity gets on my nerves. Basically, it’s the way that he’s become to be portrayed as all-powerful and all-knowing. It’s just not realistic. Either, Batman’s nature would be that of 1970’s Batman, or the rest of the DC universe would treat him like a villain.


Wonder Woman. ESPECIALLY in Injustice and Injustice 2.


That little weiner at the grocery store who, oh wait. Nevermind.

DC folks that nerve on my gets. Well, Max Lord got on my nerves in 2005 because of his arrogance. Arrogance in general is a pet peeve of mine.


I have said it on other forum posts, but definitely Batman. He seems to embody everything toxic in a human being to me. Thinking they know it all. Telling others what to do, not just the Bat family. Everyone in the superhero community acts like he is an untouchable god. He acts so pompous and ugh I could go on and on. It was Superman for awhile because he was so sugar-coated sweetness and pristine it drove me nuts, but I can deal with that more than Batman.


I can’t stand the people who hate marvel and love DC and create unnecessary fights and vice versa


Robin! So when we were kids me and my cousin would always play Batman after watching it ( 66 Batman) and I would always have to be Robin cause I was youngest. But yeah totally unfair to the character of Robin in my older age nothing but respect for Nightwing, but Everytime I see the green yellow and red I cringe a little inside.


Love all of these responses, it’s interesting that the founding members/characters more in the forefront of D.C. are being mentioned more. I hope the mods see this, it would be cool to see their take on all of this.

@StarofLyra interesting way of looking at it, you’re right tho, it really does come down to that if you think about.

@harely.333 Definitely! For me, it’s moreso how he gets a lot of the focus it seems(maybe I should say priority) But it is Batman and I always love seeing him so idk lol

@TheScareBeast Omg thank you!! I remembered what started my dislike for her, it was the injustice series. That’s when it really solidified into a strong opinion for me lol Little did I know this was not the true WW we all know and love :slight_smile:

@RedHood 1000x yes to this. Can’t we all just love everything comic books and superheroes/villains without yet again finding things to argue about. I understand disagreements/differences of opinions but they should never have to lead to actual insults or fights or people being dicks cuz they share a different opinion.

@PrincessAmethyst VERY interesting response cuz one would think that his actions and good deals make up for his “temperament”. I do see your point tho, it’s like he’s earned the right to his entitlement imo but yeah it can be excessive and unnecessary. BUT then again, everyone has their own personality. that could just be Batman…someone who keeps to himself and believes himself to be the one of the smartest and thus he doesn’t “need” or want to rely on others. Ahhh I love your response cuz it really does make you think lol @StarofLyra said something similar here which is another way of looking at it as well

Quisp, that little water imp.

Bat-Mite! Specifically the version on The New Adventures of Batman. Lil’ b@$tard…

He’s a textbook example of poor thinking in animation:

Bob: “We need to add a character kids can get behind.”

Nelly: “Kids love Batman and Robin. That’s enough.”

Bob: “No, no. We need someone that’s kooky and silly and serves as a character window for the kids.”

Nelly: “No, we don’t. Batman and Robin are tremendously popular with the yutes. The show will be fine with them. The last one was.”

Bob: “Let’s add Bat-Mite! Yeah, and we’ll really crank up his goofiness too!”

Nelly: sigh


Barbara Gordon, post-Flashpoint. I miss Oracle so much that it hurts, and seeing her regressed back to Batgirl only reminds me of what we’ve lost.


I use to be a huge Batman fan, but with the way he’s shoved into everything, I find him to be super annoying. I have Bat-fatigue. He get’s 50 times the exposure of any other character, and shows up in things he shouldn’t be in. My main gripe is the animated movies they’ve made (he’s in 23 of the last 34, Supes is in 17), with the Justice League Dark one being the straw that broke my back.


Vroom, you also just explained Jar Jar Binks


True! Filmation Bat-Mite’s better though :slight_smile:

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HubCityQuestion, I couldn’t agree more about Barbara Gordon. Babs as Oracle was one of the most unique and powerful (knowledge is power) characters in the DCU. I miss this iteration of Babs very much.
ColdSmokeMike, Yes Batman is overused and he’s getting on my nerves. His “super-richness” and uber-boy Scott preparedness has made him unsympathetic. I hate the myriad gadgets and the ridiculous “iron man” bat-armor. Can he just go back to being The Batman–“The Creature of the Night”–striking swiftly and silently from the shadows?
Wonder Woman as Xena is getting overplayed. Whatever happened to her mission of spreading peace and love?


Etrigan and all the rhyming…although Batman damned version of him made sense and I tolerated more…

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As someone who loves Batman and Batman stories, even I get sick of him butting in on other characters. He’ll always be my favorite when he’s doing his own Batman stuff in Gotham City, but he’s just kind of takes up too much narrative space when he starts interacting with the rest of the DCU. They really need to tone down his overpoweredness. I always thought of him as someone who doesn’t deal very well with unforeseen circumstances but can adapt quickly and lay out a good plan, but in recent years he seems to always have all the answers ahead of time. Like, one of my favorite Batman stories is Knightfall, where he gets the tar beaten out of him because he’s up against a threat he doesn’t know how to deal with, and he’s not even the one who stops Bane in the end, but he still comes back stronger for all the punishment. The other big issue is that he always acts like such an angry jerk. Batman should be a little moody, sure, but he’s very hard to put up with as a protagonist in his usual modern characterization, and it seems like every time someone tries to mellow him out he resets as soon as a new writer takes over so he can learn to mellow out again.

On the subject of Barbara Gordon post-flashpoint… I guess she gets on my nerves. It’s really more that she makes me sad about the more interesting stories they could be telling about Oracle but gave up on because they wanted Batgirl to be a redhead again. Also, there’s the fact that reverting to Batgirl contradicts pretty much everything about her characterization for the 22 years between Suicide Squad #23 and Flashpoint (24 years if you want to start with The Killing Joke instead of her first appearance as Oracle). She was always somebody who refused to accept any miracle cure (or even any kind of helpful gadget) because she wasn’t broken and didn’t need fixing. Plus, she was far more useful and dangerous as Oracle than anybody running around in spandex. I’m actually not a fan of Grant Morrison’s JLA, but who else would you put in charge of a planetfull of superhumans?

I don’t usually have anything against Batwoman, and even her killing Clayface wasn’t necessarily unforgivable… but she made Cass sad. That IS unforgivable. Plus, from a story perspective, I feel like the bat-family went too easy on her. Out-of-universe, I understand her perspective and it’s a sensible position, but it’s the sort of thing that everybody’s been very clear doesn’t fly in Gotham City. Why such a different perspective when it’s Kate now from when it’s Black Spider in the '70s, Huntress in the '90s, or Red Hood in the '00s?

Shazam annoys me because every time he shows up, I just think that his name is Captain Marvel. Plus, he’s pretty much not been acting like himself since Flashpoint. When he’s called Captain Marvel and is his usual cornball self with the original powerset, he’s great.

Barry Allen isn’t that bad of a character, but just reminds me that he’s not Wally West.

I’d file Cyborg in the same bin as Batgirl: I miss his old personality, backstory, and supporting cast, so seeing post-Flashpoint Cyborg makes me sad more than angry.

As for characters I genuinely dislike: Damian Wayne will always be somewhere in my top three least favorite comic book characters. He’s every bad trait of Batman that other people pointed out, amplified and stuck on a bratty, murderous, spoiled little kid who seems to be given everything he wants all the time for no reason.

Jason Todd was a cool villain when they brought him back to life, but doesn’t work as an anti-hero.

Deathstroke is another good-villain/bad-hero scenario.

On that note, I’m sick of Harley Quinn. She was reasonably entertaining as a quirky Joker henchman. She was kind of fun as Poison Ivy’s somewhat better-treated sidekick. She’s really obnoxious as this overhyped anti-hero who gets shoved into everything for no reason. Like, I’m similarly tired of Deadpool, but at least Deadpool’s schtick actually is funny sometimes. In some of the early Harley stories, it’s actually a specific plot point that she’s not very funny, and yet she seems to be DC’s biggest comic relief character right now.

Hawkman is fine when they can just pick one origin for him and stick to it. So, never.

Anarky is a whiny, walking excuse for writers to spout off about politics, which I hate even when there’s not a specific mouthpiece.

Uh… let’s see… Ooh! I also don’t like Green Arrow, but that’s weird, because I actually like seeing him as a completely terrible person who brings nothing but pain and misery to everyone around him, even though they were never intentionally writing him that way (except maybe in Young Justice).

Then, of course, you’ve got the usual suspects of characters who NOBODY likes: Superboy Prime, Major Force, Triumph, Early '80s Vibe, etcetera.

You know, I always feel like I’m being really negative whenever I come on to these forums, but it’s actually really nice to have a place to vent about this stuff to people who get it. So, this is a weird segue, but… Thanks, DCU!


@BatJamags, I totally agree. I dislike all the “DCU sucks!” posts. But I really enjoy sniping my pet peeves about various little known DC trivia :yum: