Which Couple Do You Like More? Superman x Lois Lane or Superman x Wonder Woman

Do you prefer the classic couple of Superman & Lois Lane or do you prefer the super-powered couple of Superman & Wonder Woman? Or do you prefer a different relationship for Superman if you do reply below

  • Superman x Lois Lane
  • Superman x Wonder Woman
  • Other (reply below)

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sorry if this is a little sloppy first time doing a poll


Superman and Lois, by far.


I hate Superman x Wonder Woman because I’ve always liked what JL did, pairing Bruce with Diana.


Sorry. I misunderstood the post. I’m sleepy. Lana Lang with Supes.


Clark and Lois. It isn’t even a competition for me.


The Clark and Lois relationship is so iconic to the character, it just doesn’t seem like quite the same guy when they try to do something else.


Bahahaha. Now I really want you to watch Smallville.

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@CynicalPink Will it make me join a cult?

Well Lana does become an all-powerful witch at one point…

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I enjoyed the stuff that featured Superman/Wonder Woman, and I really have no problem with that relationship, but to me I still like the classics so… Superman/Lois Lane.

Personally I’ve always found lois and the reckless reporter archetype she inspired annoying.

I loved superman/wonder woman. Their relationship made way more sense to me.

I like the Superman x Lois ship, but I get annoyed when it’s treated as the only possibility. I liked when Superman and Lois were together in the movies Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League, but simultaneously, Kal was with Diana in the animated show Justice League Action, so you couldn’t really say there was One True Love for Superman, when there was a high-profile contradictory relationship!

I think Lois Lane is kind of a jerk, and I think that’s interesting about her, and it provides for an interesting relationship between her and Superman, but sometimes it does make it easier for someone else to move in. For example in the Lois & Clark TV show, I’m pretty sure the reason that Mayson Drake died was because the writers realized her relationship with Clark was actually better than Lois’ was, and they had to get rid of her in a hurry.

My favorite ship for Superman is Clark Kent x Cat Grant. You never see it anywhere!


I think pairing Superman with another godlike being is too easy; His love for Lois is another thing that keeps him feeling human, despite his powers. I did like Superman and Wonder Woman in Kingdom Come, but that’s a Superman who I think thought he’s already sort of outgrown humanity. The mainstream Superman belongs with one of the humans he’s sworn to protect despite their flaws.


Technically both of them would be weird ‘cause Superman’s not a human… idk why but that’s always bugged me

Never once have I liked seeing Supes with WW.


The only time it felt right for Superman and Wonder Woman is during Kingdom Come. Other than that, their relationship was just never organic enough.

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I agree with you about Lois, and I’m glad they explored Superman/Wonder Woman, but I really felt that something was missing from each character in the relationship. I felt less connected. The relationship dynamic felt off to me. The experience really made me appreciate their strong friendship.

As far as romantic couples, I prefer both with other people (namely Lois and Steve, respectively, although Bruce/Diana is interesting) . While I’m often not a fan of Lois, I think her character fits better with Clark. When I like her, I think they both challenge and support each other in interesting ways. It’s weird for me to see him with anyone else, and there’s a sense that it won’t last.

Edit: As for Diana and Steve, I think he helps connect Diana to the human world and see that ‘normal’ men (although Steve is above average!) can be good and honorable and have similar ideals to the Amazons. Diana/Clark doesn’t really help either character stay connected to the people of earth/‘man’s world.’


Superman and Wonder Woman are the better couple

SuperWonder all day every day