Which Characters Will Be Lanterns On HBO?

I’m sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere. I tried to look it up. If it needs to me merged that’s all good.

Has anyone heard anything concrete about who will be the Lanterns in the upcoming series? Not actors, but characters. I haven’t heard much lately. Last I read (speculation) it might be Hal, John, and Sinestro.

That’s all good for season one, but other than Sinestro; I’m not super excited about more Hal and John. They’ve been done in other tv and films (for better it worse).

I hope they focus on adding more Lanterns as the show progresses. If I don’t have Rayner, Kilowog, and Cruz… well, I’ll be disappointed.

I’d like any solid updates any of my DC friends can give. The show came up at a Memorial Day BBQ (distancing though) with my small family (six people).

My older cousin is a big fan from childhood and is asking me tons of questions and, sadly, I’m not able to answer much of them.

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I thought I read some where, I will hunt the article I read down. But the article said the show will feature Kyle Rayner as one of the main leads.


I’d love to see Jessica Cruz! Since I saw the Justice League vs the Fatal Five movie with her I’ve love her!


I’d prefer it as an ensemble show. There’s no reason you can’t feature most of the human GL’s. I can imagine budget caps could prevent us from seeing certain aliens as often. It’ll depend on its success I’m guessing.

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Im hoping for at least a few Ch’p appearances.

The HBO series: Isn’t about Hal Jordan

The other Green Lanterns: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UQlbd-ZdCNI


That’s funny. Still, I hope it isn’t about John the whole time either. He’s a boring character to me. I like Kyle and Jessica. Just saying.

Nothing concrete has been released yet; it’s all been rumors and speculation up to this point. I’ll say something if I ever see anything though.

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Thanks. That’s kinda what I was finding, but sometimes people here know things I don’t.

John is only as boring as his writing. I thought he was great during the Judd Winick Green Lantern era, and if Arrow had ever made Diggle a GL that version of John Stewart would have been great. I have no doubt there’s a great show to be made about John, even if I’d personally prefer one about Kyle Rayner.

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John is too much of a military man for me under most writers. Rigid. I just prefer other Lanterns. Nothing more personal than that.

The military background was (at least in my opinion) a bad move during an unfortunate era when all black characters were required to have backgrounds that made them more physical, usually by making them college football stars. John Stewart was originally an architect. I really wish DC would get back to that.

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He still has that background as far as I know. But he also has a military background. The two aren’t exclusive.


Right, but maybe less military. I’m not into military characters. I’m from a military family (I’m the only living male that didn’t serve) and it’s not something I care for when I’m reading. There’s nothing wrong with it, but if they focus too much on it it’ll have a negative impact on the show for me. I like Rayner and Cruz because they aren’t really “right” for the job.

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Speaking of that show, I wonder why it won’t be on dc universe? I mean why does WB need two streaming services

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@American-Alien It comes down to earnings. They’re likely looking for GL to draw a lot of viewers. If it’s simultaneously available here at half the price of HBO Max, well, they’ll be losing money on it.

HBO is a brand name. Especially since GoT was so successful. They’re looking to fill the space that show left behind. GL won’t do it on its own, but it’ll help. Splitting it with another format just doesn’t make financial sense.

I guess but at the same time since GL is one of dc’s most popular characters you’d think they would put it on dc universe a platform dictated to dc

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I always assumed this app would be more about comics than original tv content. At the low price here there would have to be far more subscribers than DC actually has. There have never been official numbers, but I doubt there are a million unique users here. HBO has 140 million subscribers. If you’re making a show that costs $25 million an episode you don’t release it on a $7 app.

I wish it was here too, but it doesn’t makes sense to. They might do an annual delay or something.

I’m just glad the comics and animated stuff is here. I don’t have a local comic shop. This is a lot for the money. To me.

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I guess that makes sense, i do plan on getting HBO max in the future.

Heck, I even use this app more for comics than any show or movie.

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