Which characters do you love to see as LGBT?

of course there are some really great LGBT characters in comics right now, but which ones have you always thought of as being something other than straight and/or cis that never got to be shown that way in the text?

as a gay fan, i know i tend to project that part of myself onto a lot of characters when i read comics because it makes me feel even more connected to someone i relate to! i’m curious if other LGBT fans do this, and who they feel strongly about!

please be nice!! this is not a thread meant to start any kind of fighting or heated discourse! just talk about who you see as gay or bi or trans in peace :slight_smile:


i’ll go first! i’ve been rereading young justice 1998, and i really like the idea of cissie king jones being a lesbian!

The only one I know is Batwomen

I can’t wait for her show

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Batwoman, Apollo and Midnighter come to mind.

Earth-2 Alan Scott was gay in the new-52. I don’t know about now. I think Black Manta is gay now too.

Writing from a Supergirl-fan viewpoint I could imagine Kara moving on the spectrum.
While the comics always has had her looking for men, she has fallen in love with aliens, androids, a centaur and a hermaphrodite. In some old silver-age issue, Superman’s supercomputer pointed to her perfect partner which turned out to be a girl dressing as a boy. Looking to the Krypton series we see a society where people are comfortable finding love wherever.
Kara would make sense as being pan. I wouldn’t be opposed to a writer exploring this. It usually doesn’t work out for her with boyfriends anyway.


I feel like Jonathan/Damian could be in a couple years. Jonathan is 17 now. Damian is 14? I mean it could work a little. I mean it’d become a weird friendship anyway…

Some characters weren’t initially on the LGBT spectrum from their creation, but I’ll tell you what I’m so glad they did what they did with Batwoman. They added so much more depth and interest to her character when they updated her origin. I’ve been forcing myself to read her comics slowly so I don’t roll straight through them. She’s easily one of my all time favorite characters now.

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Honestly? New characters, no history to bog them down-- only the new story ahead of them; either a totally new character like Bunker, possibly the only good thing to come out of the New 52 Teen Titans, or a character like Batwoman, a completely new Kate Kate who started out with an older relative named Kathy Kane.

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