Which character would you to pair with your favorite writer?

Mine would be Tom King making a booster gold/original blue beetle run

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Paul Dini writes a great Batman story, but there’s already a lot to choose from.

As an alternative, he clearly loves working on Zatanna and his run on her title was pretty short-lived but cool, so I’ll go with that.

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@BatJamags now that’s a hard question

I would pair Beast boy with R.L/ Stine

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The topic was started by @Twogun_DC, not me.

@Twogun_DC hey I would pair Beast Boy i with R.L. Stine

I’ve also always wondered about giving Brian azzerello watchmen

@Twogun_DC cool what would that be like

I really can’t say what he’d do but I just love his style and I think we need more watchmen

Gary paulsen (excuse my spelling) with red hood.