Which Character Would You Remove from Doom Patrol?

Everyone loves Doom patrol And I do. but if they took out a character who do you guys want to be out?


i dont like cyborg. i feel like Cyborg place is pointless. if you remove all of Cyborg scenes in each episode it wouldnt hurt the episode and thats a problem


I like all of the characters (and I love Cliff and Jane), but I think I would take out Cyborg. I don’t think at any point in the history of the team in the comics was Cyborg actually a member.


I agree with the sentiments so far, but would go as far to say if Cyborg were to be removed, perhaps adding Casey Brink from the Gerard Way run would be a good fit​:four_leaf_clover:


I feel like the most common answer would be Cyborg since he’s not a part of the team originally. Although I really like Joivan Wade as Cyborg. I do think the material given to him in Season 1 involving his father was stronger than Season 2. IMO it was better weaved into the overall story of Season 1 whereas his story in Season 2 felt more like a side-story.

I had this idea that if he leaves it’s because he joins The Justice League and they assign him to be a mentor for what would become Doom Patrol’s Earth version of the Teen Titans. That way he’s part of both The League and the Titans.

Ya I want like beast boy take out well I kind of hate Dorothy from season two lol

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I don’t like Doom Patrol and I think none should stay.

What don’t you like about it?

The show: Language, innuendos, immorality
The comics: somewhat immature for the Silver Age and not interested in rest

So you want it more child friendly?


Cyborg he can go elsewhere Titans ahem for one :joy:

Anything but Titans plz :grimacing: While they do a good job when focusing on a few key characters they really have an issue with handling a big ensemble. I don’t want Cyborg to be Gar 2.0 :weary:

Lol I was really just speaking to which DP member I’d be ok with losing. And thinking just because of source material it works :joy:

You must not have liked the Vertigo line at all

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ahhhh okay

I play Wolf Among Us but that’s as far as I go.

So, never even read the “Fables” comics?

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Gotta go with Cyborg myself. I like the character and the actor does a good job, but after season 1 he did seem a bit out of place. I know that is kind of his thing, he is the “real hero” among the group, but don’t know that it really worked.