which Batman would you choose

Which Batman is your favourite, including animated and live action?


My favorite Batman moviewise is Bens from BvS (not justice league because they act differently ) because it’s more of a Dark Knight Returns feel . Not only that, it’s honestly more like the detective comics 27 and original Batman. The one that would use guns and hang people.


I have to agree, Ben in BVS was a great and comic book accurate Batman and need to see this style more, Zack Snyder has got him Spot on in this version.


I agree with what was said above. Ben Affleck in BvS was the best Batman we’ve seen on screen.

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I prefer kevin Conroy version of batman from the animated series and justice league unlimited and of course the Arkham games

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It’s so hard to choose from Keaton, Bale & Affleck for me. The hype surrounding Burtons 1st Batman was unmatched as far as bringing Batman back into the mainstream. I loved the Nolan/Bale Batman & Ben/Snyder was way better than the critics views of it. Animated I loved “The Batman” & Brave & Bold as well as. BTAS. I think it’s harder to pick the ones I dislike than my favorite.

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Animated Batman

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I enjoyed Keaton, I loved BTAS. I grew to appreciate Bale with time. But Adam West will always be the “real Batman” to me.

Easy one for me. Bale in the Batman trilogy. Best movies ever.

Affleck any time