Which Artist Do You Think Captures Wonder Woman and Her World the Best?

Personally, I really enjoyed Cliff Chiang’s version of Diana.

I also love how she is portrayed in; Superman/Wonder Woman by Tony Daniel, Justice League Dark by Alvaro Martinez, and Trinity by Clay Mann.

I’m going to start reading George Pérez’s Wonder Woman so he might get added into the list :slight_smile:

What are some of your favorite artists that have depicted Wonder Woman?



Oh I def would say George did a great job. But to be honest I havent read any of the new stuff.

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Perez, Cary Nord, and Phil Jimenez.


Nicola Scott


Alex ross easily

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@mceddard.91225 Phil Jimenez is another definitive Wonder Woman artist! I’ve not read those stories, but the artwork is everywhere.


@LEXC0RP Alex Ross is super talented. His Shazam is my favorite.

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@AquamonC137 Then it’s a good thing we’re reading JLD this week. :slight_smile:

I really enjoy the art in that book.

@TurokSonOfStone1950 The piece she made of the Wonder Women through the ages was really good.



Very nice

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Perez. There is a dynamism to his work that truly suits her.

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Phil Jimenez for sure. His artwork has such a level of love for the character that is so rare to see in a comic book artists depiction of a character. You can tell he truly cares and loves Diana.

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It’s good that you included Alvaro Martinez bueno cuz the way his art and the way he draws Wonder Woman in JLD is pretty amazing

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@DeSade-acolyte Dynamism is something every Wonder Woman artist needs. Even when she’s standing still, you can feel her energy through his art.

@PrincessAmethyst It’s the best when you can see the love an artist puts into their work. It just makes the entire reading experience much more meaningful.

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@IamSpectre94 I am loving what Álvaro Martínez Bueno is doing with Wonder Woman in JLD.

It’s so cool seeing her drawn in that setting with those characters.

Agree with the Cliff Chiang pick for Wondy. His lines are so simple, yet they bring out Wonder Woman’s strength effectively. Also:

  • Ivan Reis, Justice League Trinity War.
  • Jason Fabok, Justice League…Amazo virus arc, I believe.
  • Yanick Paquette, Wonder Woman Earth One…love his take on the costume.
  • Terry Dodson, Wonder Woman 2006-2008, and current variant covers.
  • Jenny Frison’s variant covers.

My number one is likely a tie between Cliff Chiang and David Finch due to their being the principal talents on the New 52 Wonder Woman series, which is my favorite WW ongoing.

Curt Swan, George Perez, John Byrne, Mike Deodato, Nicola Scott, Terry and Rachel Dodson, Don Kramer and Liam Sharp are other favorites.

@moro How could I forget about Jason Fabok? I’m not sure if I read the Amazo Virus arc, but he also did the Darkseid War arc, I believe. The costume was epic.

Jenny Frison’s variant covers are gorgeous.
It’s hard for me to say whether I really like her take on Wonder Woman or if I just like her art style. I
would need to see her do some interiors to really know.


The cover is Jenny Frison’s ^

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