Which Arrowverse show is your favorite??

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Arrow. It’s just awesome with the story and characters. Then DC legends of tomorrow. It’s a funny time traveling show where anything can happen.

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The Flash has always been my favorite but I am kinda excited for the new season of Arrow due to the announcement of Nora Fries and the introduction of Batwoman.


But I rate the following.

1: The Flash: it has a compelling story, and I cant wait to see what happenes next.

2: Arrow: It is also amazing, but it stole a lot of it’s stories from Batman. That’s why it’s not in the top spot.

3: Supergirl: This show is just amazing.

4 Legends of Tommorow: I’m sorry, but the show just doesn’t keep my attention.

ARROW…the foundation of the CWverse with a great lead in Stephen Amell who has represented the brand admirably

BLACK LIGHTNING…great soundtrack, fearsome big bad, and a super cool lead

I really like all the shows including GOTHAM because I enjoy DC in all its interpretations

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It really depends on which year:
the one year on Legends of Tomorrow where the villains win and there’s all these crazy time paradoxes that was pretty fun. Overall for all years I’d say the Flash , then Supergirl then Legends of tomorrow and then Arrow . Black Lightning is too soon to tell , I greatly enjoyed the first season of Black Lightning for sure! But hey I do like all of the CW DC and I follow all of it

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My number one would be Flash. It’s the closest to the source material those shows get. Arrow was great then season 3 & on they just stole storylines from Batman and it just comes off as a Batman wannabe. Legends is all over the place & Supergirl is just Superman regendered as a girl mixed with Men in Black, with the aliens living among us, & full of feminism propaganda.

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I just finished Season Six of Arrow. So, now I don’t know. The Dragon may be my new favorite villain.

Arrow is the foundation for the Arrowverse and still my favorite. In six seasons, it has only been saddled with one bad season and that of was the dreadful season four. Season five was an amazing bounce back and season six was well executed with the best finale to date. Ollie in prison is going to be epic. I’m not sure how he is going to extricate himself from this self-imposed exile but it should be fun.

Supergirl, I truly love what the writers are doing with Kara and when they let her anger show it’s some pretty powerful stuff.

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