Which animated movies are in the current animated U


I know War, Throne of Atlantis, JL Dark, Batman v Robin, Son of Batman, Death of Superman, Reign of the Superman, Teen Titans v JL, TT: Judas Contract, Hush

Any that I am missing???

In this order:

  1. Justice League Flashpoint Paradox
  2. Justice League War
  3. Son Of Batman
  4. Justice League Throne Of Atlantis
  5. Batman Vs Robin
  6. Batman Bad Blood
  7. Justice League Vs Teen Titans
  8. Justice League Dark
  9. Constantine City Of Demons
  10. Teen Titans Judas Contract
  11. Suicide Squad Hell To Pay
  12. The Death Of Superman
  13. Reign Of The Supermen
  14. Batman Hush
  15. Wonder Woman Bloodlines