Which Actor's Voices Do You Use In Your Head?

Hello, I’m new here, so I thought a fun question for discussion to help me get familiar with the board. What voices do you use in your head when you’re reading comics?

For mine, I use the following

Kevin Conroy as Batman
Mark Hamill as Joker
Nathan Fillion as Hal
Charlie Hunnam as Aquaman
Dylan O Brien as Tim Drake
Scott Menville as Dick Grayson
Tara Strong as Harly
Patrick Stewart as Mr. Freeze
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen
Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman

What voices do you use for head while reading comics? Any unique choices?


Christopher Reeve for Superman
Dean Cain for Clark Kent
Clancy Brown for Lex Luthor
Teri Hatcher for Lois Lane
Jack Larsen for Jimmy Olsen
John Hamilton for Perry White
Eddie Jones and K Callan for Ma and Pa Kent
All the above voices might waver from time to time when I am reading comics, but the ONE voice that always comes through loud and clear is Kevin Conroy as The Batman/Bruce Wayne.

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Tara strong- Harley
David Boreanez (can’t spell his name)- green lantern
Grant Gustin- Flash
Dean Cain- Clark
Lynda Carter- WW
Adam West-Batman
Emma Watson- Golden Glider
Alison Hannigan (can’t spell her name- might not even be her name)- Amethyst


She was willow on Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Conroy for Batman
Hamil for Joker
Sorkin for Harley.


Tim Daly for Superman (mostly), Kevin Conroy for Batman, Mark Strong for Sinestro, Susan Eisenberg for Wonder Woman, Brad Garrett for Lobo, Clancy Brown for Lex, Tom Everett Scott for Booster Gold, Josh Bolin for Jonah Hex.




Superman- Christopher Reeve
Batman- Kevin Conroy
Flash- Michael Rosenbaum
Green Arrow- Stephen Amell
Wonder Woman- Rosario Dawson
Green Lantern- Nathan Fillion
Red Hood- Jensen Ackles
Robin (Tim Drake)- Troy Baker
Catwoman- Grey Griffin
Supergirl- Melissa Benoist
Joker- Mark Hamil
Harley- Tara Strong
Poison Ivy- Emma Stone
BLack Canary- Stana Katic
Lex Luthor- John Barrowman
Sinestro- Mark Strong
Cyborg- Shemar Moore
Billy Batson/Shazam- Asher Angel/ Henry Cavil

Michael Ironside as Darkseid


I usually use
Robbie as Harley
Thurman as Ivy
Pfieffer or Newmar as Selina
West as Batman
Gustin or Ezra as The flash
And Conroy as Batman

Harley,WW,Lashina, Raven-Tara Strong
Batman-Kevin Conroy, Peter Weller depending on the comic.
Joker-Mark Hamilton
Catwoman-Gina Gershon
Starfire-Kari Wahlgreen
Superman-Jerry O’Connell

There are alot of actors/actress’ and voice actors who have portrayed your favorite hero or villain.

So when you’re reading the comics of your favorite hero or villain, whose voice are you hearing?


I make up those voices in my head. This is how I would read them out if I were reading them to my son.


Mostly my voice but for those iconic characters I hear their voices.


It’s so weird that you ask cuz I love to read but I NEVER hear the voice of any character. It’s so weird to me cuz I feel like most people would.


No, I take pills for that.

I’m just kidding!

I never take pills for that…

Seriously, I’ll hear voices of characters if they’ve been portrayed by actors I’ve liked, or if there’s some similar character that I can link to.


That’s a tough one, there’s only few that stick out in my head. Christopher Reeves will always be Superman in my head. Mark Hamill’s Joker has permanently replaced Jack Nicholson, and of course, I AM BATMAN!! :upside_down_face:


You hear them too!? They all said I was crazy! Ha! That’ll show them all! What? No. Why? Well I know that and you know that but they don’t! You have biscuits?

On another note, I hear a lot of DCAU voices, Clancy Brown’s Luthor, Kevin Conroy’s Batman, Mark Hamill’s Joker.

I hear a combination for Superman. Sometimes I hear Christopher Reeves, sometimes Tim Daly, and sometimes George Newbern.

I do accents too.


I hear voices but sometimes the voices change based either on a newer actor taking over the role or the depending on how the character is presented in the comic. For instance, a regular Batman comic, I’ll hear Olan Soule from the Super Friends, whereas a An issue of Batman 66 I’ll hear Adam West.
Guy Gardner always sounds like Thomas F.Wilson
On the other hand, When I first read the Englehart/Rogers run of Batman, I hear David Ogden Stiers as Rupert Thorne instead of John Vernon


Cool to hear everyone’s thoughts​:sunglasses: