Where's Vertigo? Premium membership may have been a mistake

What is the state of comics on this site? I’m a big fan of the Vertigo titles. Will more series be added as time goes by? Or do different series get rotated in and out of availability.

I’m glad I’m on the 7 day trial. I might be pulling out.


There have been a lot of things added recently. I’ve only been a member since December and there’s already like twice the amount of content since I’ve joined. As far as they’ve announced content won’t be rotated out very frequently. Also if enough people request something chances are its gets add. I’ve noticed they are pretty good at listening to us. You should give it time and stick around.


@BillsBayou, as a fellow Vertigo fan, I understand where you’re coming from. We currently have a limited selection of Vertigo comics (I believe just Saga of the Swamp Thing at this time). Unfortunately, if Vertigo was the main draw of the subscription (as opposed to any of the other DC titles or Original programming or Film & Television) then I encourage you to check back in periodically. I have personally found a LOT of value in this service despite primarily being a DC fan via Vertigo.

Fortunately, you are able to search our library without paying for a subscription when revisiting in the future.


If you are interested in the first volumes of vertigo titles for 5.99 a month, look at Comixology Unlimited, part of Comixology.

Look at the various titles, that you can ‘borrow’ for the monthly fee. The number of issues varies by title.

There is free trial period…

However, remember the purpose of Comixology Unlimited is to get you to buy later volumes, often at 15% off.

Comixology also has great sales.

If you buy ten or more current comics a month, the 15% off pays for the monthly fee.

Many older titles can be bought for 1.99.

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Given the limited space I am not surprised they have had little in the way of Vertigo titles. But I hope on down the line the comics selection and membership will expand enough that they will add some. Would be cool to catch some of the Fables comics I haven’t read (only read the first couple trades worth), and maybe even check out Sandman since I never did but know it is supposed to be amazing. Or even the one they did featuring the Golden Age Sandman, as I think an all ages comic based on a golden age character seems like something with great potential. Or even some I… Zombie some might find interesting, I know a lot of people who had no idea that was based on a comic book, even fellow comic book fans.

Applejack, the head of the Mods here, in her Office Hours thread in the Watchtower forum, stated the following on Vertigo

At this time we are focusing on the heroes and villains titles for DC Universe. There are some blurry lines with Vertigo, like Swamp Thing and Hellblazer, that do appear on the service. But our primary interest at this time is getting the capes up and running. This is not a ‘no’ , just a ‘not now.’


Get you Vertigo fix for $6 a month at DC Comixology Unlimited. I just read v 1 and v2 of Y The Last Man there, it’s cra cra the amount of Vertigo at CU…