Where's Swamp Thing?

Who else was shocked to see that DC Universe will not feature the Swamp Thing movies or TV show in the month of Halloween? I’m starting to think that DC Universe stinks unless it can get its things together.

It just launched. Give it a rest.

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They should do something for Swamp Thing But I think there centered On Teen Titans show since it being released in a few weeks At least Swamp Thing is in Justice League Dark

I don’t remember the 1990 show but yeah I wish the old movies were on here. Not bothered by it though as at least there are a couple of Swamp Thing comics on here and he’s featured in Justice League Dark. Can also just go play as him in Injustice 2

He’s also in the encyclopedia and will be getting love with his own original show soon enough

Okay nvm about the encyclopedia entry, I thought I had seen him there but still, he’ll probably be added soon or close to his show’s release

Coming soon

Rights issues?