Where's Sandman?

Why isn’t Sandman on DCUI?

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Probably has to be negotiated – Sandman is technically a creator-owned book by Neil Gaiman.

It’s also possible they might hold out and wait until the Netflix series comes out. I’ve seen some of the mods here talk about how WarnerMedia is talking about getting some of these books out as big events like anniversaries or adaptation releases come out.


Sandman is not creator-owned. Neil himself said as much on Twitter a few years ago. Also, the wikipedia article on Vertigo lumps Sandman in with company-owned works. And the FAQ on Neil’s website specifically states that DC owns Sandman.


Ah fair enough. I know Gaiman has said in the past that he sort of has a gentleman’s agreement with DC and even Marvel and other properties where they ask for his consent first in using characters like Dream and Death, which is part of why we don’t see them too terribly often.

Okay, the other answer I can think of then is that there are still books that DC Publishing are antsy about putting on the service because they still sell very well as trades. That’s part of why Watchmen and The Killing Joke also aren’t on the service.


That makes some sense. DC competing against itself, and all that.

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If you have a local library that uses Hoopla for digital books, all the Sandman trades are on there.

Hoopla actually compliments DC Universe nicely.
Like pairing a fine wine.


Simple answer digitize Neil Gaiman himself. Then all his published and unpublished works would be available XD


When DC Universe first started, it had a very limited library. Many titles had only one issue Wanted titles like New Teen Titans and Long Halloween (Batman) were available for only two weeks and then rotated out forever.

If you wanted to have titles digitally, you had to buy them at Comixology, which was a big source of income for DC comics

Members complained and we eventually got a very large portion.of the DC titles that were digitilized.

This could have taken a large amount of income from Comixology.

At the same time we got a much larger library, Comixology released Comixology Unlimited. It included Vertigo titles, which DCU did not have.

Even so, the 'free for a monthly fee" Comixology Unlimited did not have all of the issues for a Vertigo title

I took a look at
Comixology Unlimited
Where certain issues
Can be borrowed for
The montly fee

First 20 issues of Sandman
First 4 issues of Watchmen
First 5 issues of Fables
First 8 issues of Morrison Animal Man
All? 70 issues of Sandman Mystery Theater
Are available under that program
The rest of the issues are 15% off the regular price for sale

Death High Cost of Living
Batman The Killing Joke
Black Orchid
Are not under this program

This makes me doubt
That these issues
Will come into our library
Anytime soon

Contradicting that

40 issues of Preacher
50 issues of Ex Machina
Borrowable in CU and our library

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Exactly why I’m not subscribed to comiXology unlimited. Much better to have full series than a large selection of low tier to high tier partial series

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Looking at Hoopla…

They have -
All of Sandman, and Death
Both Watchmen and the Annotated Watchmen
All of Fables
The Morrison Animal-Man
Batman: The Killing Joke
Black Orchid

However, DC’s deal with Hoopla only allows the trades to be on there.
They have Sandman Mystery Theatre, for example, but only the two trades that cover the first 24 issues.

If only the full Animal Man series was on Hoopla :pensive: