Where was Suicide Squad in Justice League & where was The Justice League in Suicide Squad πŸ™„



Yeah where ate all your movies new and old you had it advertised one of em any way. I saw Catwoman played by Michelle phypher in Batman returns if I’m missed that one then deffenetly all the new justice league Batman v, man of steel I think. My point is where are all your movies?? I can understand 1 or 2 for some bull reason but I pre-ordered this for over 70 dollars and you don’t have any of your big titles it seems. Please answer this guy’s question.

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The Justice League hadn’t been formed during Suicide Squad. Batman was the ONLY hero at the time and he WAS in it. As for the Suicide Squad in Justice Legue? They had zero readon to be in that movie. Besides, most of them are back behind bars.