where was Simon Baz in JLA VS The Fatal 5?

I LOVE my lanterns first of all, and while I do think jessy has greater potential with the ring than Simon does he should have been in the movie if nothing else because Hal made sure that they had to be partners when he fused there batteries in green lanterns #1 (2017). She overcomes great fear just by getting out of bed every day so yeah a great lantern in her own right.

What do you think? Should Simon Baz have been included in this movie or should he just be forgotten??

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I don’t think he should have been worked into the story.


The moment where we are in StarBoy’s head and see the hologram statues of green lanterns, he should have been among them and it was strange to see every other human green lantern there minus him.

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Joker says “He’s at home! Washing his tights!”

Simon should never be forgotten. An animated Green Lanterns movie would be ideal. Maybe when GLC hits theaters?

I am currently reading JL Odyssey and The Green Lantern (Grant Morrison). But personally i really miss seeing Simon with Jessica and now we dont really have him at all. Kyle Rainer one of my other core favorites is also mostly gone besides some appearances in Titans (The current comic). I hope we get some good new GL content soon both in the TV/Movie world and in the Comic world.

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