Where was Bruce during Robin Wars?

I just finished the whole thing and was wondering why Jim Gordon was batman? I dont know what led to robin wars so im not sure. Help please.


At the end of Batman: Endgame, Batman fought the Joker to the death. They both died next to each other underground in a pool of a dionesium, which resurrected them. After that Bruce Wayne was found wandering around with amnesia. He doesn’t remember he’s Batman and Alfred and his friends haven’t told Bruce yet.

In the absence of Batman, a company decided to create a new Batman, so they had Jim Gordon undergo a lot of training (and possibly surgery?) and gave him a mech suit. He became the new Batman.


So he’s busy reintroducing himself to his “family”, doing charity work, and falling in love.


I remember endgame, i just didnt know it was a continuity of anything. Just thought it was a solo story. So what story explains what happens after endgame. Thats what i need to read.

“Robin War”.

For the beginning of Jim Gordon’s adventures as Batman, check out Batman #41.

I already read robin war, i need the in between endgame and Robin war

@LEXC0RP Well, that’s a bit more complicated, since there are multiple arcs with Jim Gordon as Batman happening at the same time, but here:

Batman #41-44
Detective Comics #41-46
Detective Comics #47-52
Batman #45-50

If I were you, I’d just read the issues of Batman and keep in mind the Robin War happens sometime during that adventure.

@LEXC0RP I wasn’t suggesting you read Robin War, I was just notating that it’s not called Robin Wars. Friendly correction =)

Awesome_Squid’s list is a good one to keep handy. The Jim Gordon Batman also popped up in Red Hood/Arsenal and Batman/Superman, however if you only want to read his most crucial appearances, stick to Batman and Detective.

Ahhh okay thanks guys. I’ll get on those issues. Im stupid i thought it was robin wars and i have the book sitting in front of me lol

Well, Jim Gordon is Batman because of Endgame, which came before the Robin War storyline. Also, let it be said that the Robin War story line is great and should be read more.