Where To Start?

As I stated in my “Finally Joined” post I am a new member here. Before I lost my collection of comics and graphic novels (which mostly consisted of Batman) that’s all I had really read. I had many key storylines (I think). But other than that I am fairly new to comics outside of Batman. So it is no surprise that the massive library that is available to read, and from what I understand a lot more are on the way. So I was just wondering some suggestions as to where to start, or maybe some worthy reads. Thanks in advance everyone.

Give some character you are interested in and I sure someone will point you in the right direction

Why not read some Green Lantern? How about Geoff Johns run on Green Lantern? It’s amazing


I do like Green Lantern. Also loved Flash Rebirth. Obviously love Batman. Only Superman I’ve really read was Superman Earth One graphic novel.

Green Lantern (2005-2011), also known as the Geoff Johns run. One of the best runs ever.


My question is with these comics is it ok to just start in the middle like that or do I have to go all the way back to the original?

There’s always gonna be some continuity stuff, but there are plenty of jumping-on points. Worst case scenario, you might have to look up a character or concept you don’t recognize, but Johns’ Green Lantern is particularly good about explaining what’s going on for new readers. Also make sure to check out the '06 Green Lantern Corps series that ran alongside it. They share a bunch of stories and I actually preferred the Corps book because it used more interesting characters.

But yeah, you usually can’t go wrong jumping on at #1 of a series or volume. For longer-running titles, if you start in with one particular writer’s run on the book, that’s usually the beginning of a discrete story. And if all else fails, DC Database (the wiki for DC media) is your friend: you can just look up the history of whatever characters are involved. If you REALLY don’t know what’s going on, it’s probably following up on some other book that you can hunt down somewhere, so… yeah. Wikis are a wonderful thing.

Basically the only other thing you need to know just in general is that there was a heavy continuity reboot in 1987 (Crisis on Infinite Earths - an excellent twelve-issue series in its own right that gives quick introductions to a LOT of characters - it’s one of my favorite comics and I can’t recommend it enough) and a near-complete continuity reboot in 2011 (Flashpoint - though the Green Lantern books were largely unaffected by it). Then in 2016, they started reintroducing pieces of the pre-2011 continuity, so that stuff is still relevant reading for modern books if you’re interested, but not necessary if you aren’t.

For the Flash, I recommend Mark Waid’s run from the 1987 series. He started writing the book sometime in the early ‘90s and was working on it on-and-off up until the early 2000s. He introduced most of the supporting cast and lore about things like the Speed Force. After that is Geoff Johns’ run, which I haven’t read but have heard good things about. That led into Barry Allen’s return (he’d been dead for a while but a lot of adaptations pull heavily from the Wally West era, so it’s still worth looking into even if you prefer Barry). When you say “Flash Rebirth,” do you mean the 2009 story or the 2016 ongoing? The 2009 story was Barry’s return, so you can just jump to that and pick up the '09 ongoing from there if you want to read about that.

For Batman, there are any number of good runs. A good one for new readers is Batman: Hush. Then maybe go to Under the Hood. There’s some older stuff that I really like, but those are the ones that I’d recommend more generally. I’m out of time at the moment, but I can work up a longer list of major Batman stories, their relevance, and how good they are.

I’m not much of a Superman guy either, so I can’t help as much on that.

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Starting right around Flashpoint is a good idea as it sets up the New 52 which, while not a complete reboot, is a fairly decent starting point for a lot of characters and leads nicely into Rebirth.

Give Clark a chance. Read all of John Byrnes, Jeph Loebs and Geoff Johns Superman stuff. You can thank me later. :sunglasses:

Try the JSA series from 1999 onwards. It’s fantastic!