Where to start with Green Arrow?

I’ve recently gotten interested in reading some Green Arrow so I would appreciate suggestions. I don’t really like Arrow so I would prefer something not too similar to that. Thanks!


His original ongoing series in 1988 is good. Haven’t read a ton of other Green Arrow titles, so that’s the only one I can recommend. Unfortunately, DCU only has the first 24 issues or so.


Honestly, I’d start with Green Arrow: Rebirth. It’s a pretty good distillation of the character, and the best take on Ollie in quite a while (with the exception of Jeff Lemire’s exceptional run on the New 52 series). Going back a little further, Kevin Smith’s 12 issue story Quiver from 2001 is a great reintroduction for Oliver after spending a few years being dead, and Brad Meltzer’s Archer’s Quest arc from that same series (issues #16-21) does a good job of reestablishing the Arrow Family. If you’re cool with a slightly different take on the character, in The Longbow Hunters (three issues, 1987) Mike Grell had Ollie give up the trick arrows and Robin Hood costume to become more of an ‘urban hunter’ crime fighter in Seattle. It’s a bit dated but great, and if you enjoy it you can jump right into Grell’s 1988 GA series that continues the story. Finally, if you go all the way back to the 1970s you can read Ollie’s adventures with Hal Jordan in Green Lantern/Green Arrow (GL issues #76-87) which is the most famous version of the character.


Green Arrow: Year One is very good too, but it was a major influence on Arrow so if you don’t like the show you probably won’t like that miniseries.


Well your in luck! Because the recent Rebirth launch event apparently had one of the best Green Arrow runs by Benjamin Percy.

Rebirth was meant as a starting point for new readers so you can literally start with #1. It started in Jun 2016 if that helps with finding it.


Mike Grell Green Arrow is the best. Start with Longbow Hunters


I’ll second the recommendation for Kevin Smith’s run on GA as well as third the recommendation for the Rebirth ongoing. That begins in GA: Rebirth #1 which then segues into Green Arrow #1.


I think I started with Green Lantern/Green Arrow. If you don’t have a taste for that era’s storytelling, my second choice would be Quiver.

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Longbow Hunters


I also really like Connor Hawke, the second Green Arrow, but very few of his solo series issues are currently on here. Hopefully that changes.

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Awesome recommendations all around! Thank you to everyone who has been pitching in, you guys rock. :heartpulse:

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Yes, agree with The Longbow Hunters, which then leads into the ongoing series (1988?).

Can start with how we was originally designed- in the Golden Age Omnibus. If you like Golden Age Batman, or like his original style, but not his personality, then the Golden Age Omnibus is a good place to start; especially since it IS his start.

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As a long time fan of the Emerald Archer, this is a tough one. Personally, I’d say start with Green Lantern / Green Arrow - Hard Traveling Heroes. Great run by Adams and O’Neal and really gave Ollie his own personality. That follows into Longbow Hunters and Grell’s late 80’s run. Ollie is out of commission for a while, but Quiver by Kevin Smith brings him back. After Smith’s run read Identity Crisis

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I’d start with Green Arrow:Year One. It’s a really definitive starting point for Green Arrow and then is easily followed up by the New 52 run and with the starting of Arrow in 2011 DC made sure that they really nailed it on that run and it’s full of deep descriptive moments and lots of wide page spreads. Check it out and then follow up with Green Arrow Rebirth.

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Absotivly agree with Silver spider the green lantern / green arrow run with Adams and O’Neal is classic groundbreaking vintage Green Arrow

Green Arrow: Year One has some awesome art. Jock is just the best fit for that one.

Green arrow year one is a good starting point
Other recommendations
Green lantern/green arrow
Justice league cry for justice and the rise and fall and the rise of arsenal (technically all one story)
Smith’s run
Lemires run

All of these are good suggestions my vote would be Kevin Smith’s run or long bowhunters by Mike greil then his whole run

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-Green Arrow: Year One
-Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters
-Green Arrow: Quiver

Those are the best of the best, but after you finish those, try:

-Green Arrow New 52 (Issues 17-34)
-Green Arrow Rebirths
-JLA Imaginary Stories/Elseworlds